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World of Warcraft is an enormous, ever-changing world. Developers are constantly tweaking the game, altering existing features and landscapes and introducing new landscapes to the game. Unfortunately, since it is "just a game", the world's "history" is lost with each patch. This site is dedicated to the exploration of the game world, especially hidden areas and secrets, as well as its historical preservation.

The following items are announcements, recent additions or changes to the site as well as any upcoming features or general messages. Check here to keep up to date on all the latest exploration news.

We've added a link to the excellent World Of Warcraft site, The site is dedicated to the myths, mystery and discovery of the Ashbringer sword, found in the game files but still yet to be discovered in the game world. While this site is about an item rather than a location, the great mystery and work put into the discovery of this item really deserves a read for all explorers of World Of Warcraft.

About the Asbhringer from

The name "Ashbringer" refers to both the sword of legend, and to the original wielder of the sword, Highlord Mograine. A great champion of the Silver Hand during the war against the undead scourge, he gained his nickname from his soldiers, who would watch him wade into battle, cutting a blazing swath of holy light through the legions of undead, leaving nothing but ash in his wake. The sword of the Ashbringer was thought lost, but rumors of it's location have persisted through the years. It is spoken of from the Plaugelands to the deepest reaches of Kalimdor. And now, the truth of it's location draws near....

  • Personal Explorer Blogs : Take pictures and write about your own explorations in WOW. Share your own personal exploration pages with others!
  • Lost Locations : Karazhan/Medhiv's Tower, Uldum, Ironforge Alpha, Deadzone, Under Deadmines, Under Stormwind and more...
  • Easter Eggs : Base Jumping, Zelda and Fight Club...
  • More : Rare combat and non-combat pet guides, artifact item rumors, hero classes and much more!

  • is a comprehensive collection of all things related to lost, hidden or rare world of warcraft information. Please check out the site and please send us any suggestions, ideas or questions you may have. We try to respond to everyone and your feedback is vital for us to keep this site full of the information you actually want to see.

    Thank you and welcome!

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