Economists’ Statement Opposing the Bush Tax Cuts
Signers by State

Nobel Laureates

George Akerlof University of California – Berkeley

Kenneth J. Arrow Stanford University

Peter Diamond Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lawrence R. Klein University of Pennsylvania

Daniel L. McFadden University of California – Berkeley

Franco Modigliani Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Douglass C. North Washington University

Paul A. Samuelson Massachusetts Institute of Technology

William F. Sharpe Stanford University

Robert M. Solow Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joseph Stiglitz Columbia University


Randolph T. Beard Auburn University


Gary Latanich Arkansas State University


Irma Adelman University of California – Berkeley

Brad DeLong University of California – Berkeley

Robert M. Anderson University of California

Robert K. Arnold Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy

Michael A. Bernstein University of California - San Diego

Daniel L. Blakley University of San Francisco

Clair Brown University of California - Berkeley

Jeremy Bulow Stanford University

Susan B. Carter University of California - Riverside

Menzie D. Chinn University of California - Santa Cruz

Stephen S. Cohen University of California - Berkeley

William S. Comanor University of California - Santa Barbara & Los Angeles

Vincent P. Crawford University of California - San Diego

Al Culver California State University - Chico

James G. Devine Loyola Marymount University

Barry Eichengreen University of California - Berkeley

Sasan Fayazmanesh California State University - Fresno

Robert J. Flanagan Stanford University

Victor R. Fuchs Stanford University

David E. Gallo California State University – Chico

Richard J. Gilbert University of California – Berkeley

Steven M. Goldman University of California - Berkeley

Douglas F. Greer San Jose State University

Gregory Grossman University of California - Berkeley

Terry L. Gustafson California State University - Chico

Steven C. Hackett Humboldt State University

Bronwyn H. Hall University of California - Berkeley

Scott Houser California State University - Fresno

Michael Hutchison University of California - Santa Cruz

Sanford M. Jacoby University of California - Los Angeles

George Jouganatos California State University

Linda Kamas Santa Clara University

David E. Kaun University of California - Santa Cruz

Lori G. Kletzer University of California - Santa Cruz

Mordecai Kurz Stanford University

David L. Landes City College of San Francisco

J. Paul Leigh University of California - Davis

David T. Levine University of California - Berkeley

Stephen Levy Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy

James D. Likens Pomona College

Mark H. Maier Glendale Community College

Donald Mar San Francisco State University

Robert N. Mefford UAW of San Francisco

Gerald M. Meier Stanford University

Edward Miguel University of California, Berkeley

Suleman A. Moosa California State University - Chico

Saeed Mortazavi Humboldt State University

Joanna Moss San Francisco State University

Peggy B. Musgrave University of California - Santa Cruz

G. Alan Myers Santa Fe Workshops

Roger G. Noll Stanford University

Paul Ong University of California - Los Angeles

Pastor Manuel University of California - Santa Cruz

Michael Perelman California State University - Chico

Jeffrey M. Perloff University of California - Berkeley

Marshall Pomer Macroeconomic Policy Institute

John M. Quigley University of California - Berkeley

Michael Reich University of California – Berkeley

Gerard Roland University of California – Berkeley

David Romer University of California - Berkeley

Christina Romer University of California, Berkeley

Daniel Rubinfeld University of California - Berkeley

Allen J. Scott University of California - Los Angeles

Carl Shapiro University of California, Berkeley

Laurence Shute California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Joel Sobel University of California

Michael Storper University of California - Los Angeles

Myra H. Strober Stanford University

Mayo C. Toruno California State University, San Bernardino

Donald Vial California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy

Brian D. Wright University of California – Berkeley

Janet Yellen University of California – Berkeley

Carol Zabin University of California Berkeley

Henry W. Zaretsky Henry W. Zaretsky & Assoc., Inc.

Lyuba Zarsky Global Development and Environment Institute

John Zysman Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

Ravi Bhandari University of California - Berkeley

Deborah L. Garvey Santa Clara University

Kenneth Sokoloff University of California - Los Angeles

Harold A. Forman UFCW

Marcus Alexis Stanford University

Leland S Prussia Bank of America

Curt E. Kammeraad Fresno City College

Susan Ettner UCLA School of Medicine

Hasan MacNeil Butte College

Barry Eichengreen University of California – Berkeley

Lynda Rush California State Polytechnic University, Pomono


Laura M. Argys University of Colorado - Denver

Alexandra Bernasek Colorado State University

Daphne Greenwood Center for Colorado Policy Studies

Charles Howe University of Colorado

Tracy Mott University of Denver

Daniel I. Rees University of Colorado - Denver

Thomas F. Rutherford University of Colorado


Polly R. Allen University of Connecticut

Paul Cantor Norwalk Community College

Jane D'Arista Financial Markets Center

Joyce Jacobsen Wesleyan University

Michael Lovell Wesleyan University

Spencer J. Pack Connecticut College

Gustav Ranis Yale University

Christopher Udry Yale University


Henry Aaron The Brookings Institution

Robert L. Axtell The Brookings Institution

Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research

Jared Bernstein Economic Policy Institute

L. Josh Bivens Economic Policy Institute

Margaret M. Blair Georgetown University Law Center

Ralph C. Bryant The Brookings Institution

Gary Burtless The Brookings Institution

Dallas Burtraw Resources for the Future

William T. Dickens The Brookings Institution

Randall Dodd Financial Policy Forum

Ernie Englander George Washington University

Jeff Faux Economic Policy Institute

William G. Gale The Brookings Institution

Sue Headlee American University

Alan G. Isaac American University

Catherine Langlois Georgetown University

Mark C. Long George Washington University

Charles W. McMillion MBG Information Services

Mieke Meurs American University

Lawrence Mishel Economic Policy Institute

Van Dorn Ooms Committee for Economic Development

Peter R. Orszag The Brookings Institution

Jonatha M. Orszag

Thomas I. Palley Open Society Institute

Adam Posen Institute for International Economics

Alice M. Rivlin The Brookings Institution; New School University

Carol Ann Rogers Georgetown University

Howard Rosen Institute for International Economics

Steven C. Salop Georgetown University Law Center

Isabel V. Sawhill The Brookings Institution

Robert Scott Economic Policy Institute

M.M. Shahjahan PHI Service Company

Stephen J. Silvia American University

Stephen C. Smith George Washington University

William Spriggs National Urban League Institute for Opportunity And Equality

Bernard Wasow The Century Foundation

Sidney Weintraub Center for Strategic and International Studies

Christian E. Weller Economic Policy Institute

Jeffrey Wenger Economic Policy Institute

Jonathan M. Orszag Sebago Associates, Inc.

John Williamson Institute for International Economics

Larry Buron Abt Associates

Max B. Sawicky Economic Policy Institute

Andrew F Brimmer Brimmer & Company Inc

James Reschovsky Center for studying health system change

Winston Harrington Resources for the Future


Laurence Seidman University of Delaware

John Kushman University of Delaware


Mary A. Burke Florida State University & Grinnell College

E. Ray Canterbery Florida State University

Richard D. Coe New College of Florida

Catherine S. Elliott New College of Florida

Jonathan H. Hamilton University of Florida

Douglas Harris Florida State University

Ira Horowitz University of Florida

Ann Horowitz University of Florida

Frederick R. Strobel New College of Florida

Paul Swaim OECD

Scott J. Brown Raymond James & Associates


Richard Fryman University of West Georgia

Robert E. Moore Georgia State University

William C. Schaniel State University of West Georgia


Lawrence W. Boyd University of Hawaii - West Oahu


Bill Ferguson Grinnell College

Mark Montgomery Grinnell College

Bonu Sengupta Grinnell College

Bradley W. Bateman Grinnell College

Janet Seiz Grinnell College

Suzanne Wallace Central College

Martin C. Spechler Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

George M. Von Furstenberg Indiana University

David Hummels Purdue University

Dan Kovenock Purdue University

James C. Moore Purdue University

Timothy N. Cason Purdue University

Teresa Ghilarducci University of Notre Dame

Charles K. Wilber University of Notre Dame

Martin H. Wolfson University of Notre Dame

Esther-Mirjam Sent University of Notre Dame; Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Ron Baiman University of Illinois - Chicago

Steven Cohn Knox College

Sidney Davidson University of Chicago

Robert J. Gordon Northwestern University

Fred Gottheil University of Illinois - Urbana

Walter W. McMahon University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Bruce D. Meyer Northwestern University

Michael Wallerstein Northwestern University

Burton A. Weisbrod Northwestern University

Robert M. Coen Northwestern University

Brian J. Peterson Manchester College

Samuel Rosenberg Roosevelt University


William A. Barnett University of Kansas

W. Robert Brazelton University of Missouri - Kansas City

Mehrene Larudee University of Kansas

Joshua L. Rosenbloom University of Kansas

Harry G. Shaffer University of Kansas


Gary E. Clayton Northern Kentucky University

John Gilderbloom University of Louisville

Peter B. Meyer The E.P.Systems Group, Inc.

Carl Simkonis Northern Kentucky University

Tom Cate Northern Kentucky University


Frank Ackerman Global Development and Environment Institute

Randy Albelda University of Massachusetts - Boston

Alice H. Amsden Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michael Ash University of Massachusetts - Amherst

M.V. Lee Badgett University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Francis M. Bator Harvard University Kennedy School of Government

Sandy Baum Skidmore College

Olivier Blanchard Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Barry Bluestone Northeastern University

James K Boyce University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ralph Bradburd Williams College

Robert Buchele Smith College

Jim Campen University of Massachusetts - Boston

Jens Christiansen Mount Holyoke College

Alan Clayton-Matthews University of Massachusetts - Boston

David C. Cole Harvard University

James R. Crotty University of Massachusetts

David Danning Massachusetts Teachers Association

Peter B. Doeringer Boston University

James S. Duesenberry Harvard University

David T. Ellwood Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

Gerald Epstein University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Rashi Fein Harvard University

Franklin M. Fisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Diane Flaherty University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Daniel Flores-Guri Skidmore College

Nancy Folbre University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Richard G. Frank Harvard University

Jeffrey Frankel Harvard University

Kevin Gallagher Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University

Marshall I. Goldman Wellesley College

Neva R. Goodwin Tufts University

Peter Gottschalk Boston College

Jerry R. Green Harvard University

Deborah Haas-Wilson Smith College

Jonathan M. Harris Tufts University

Carol E. Heim University of Massachusetts - Amherst

James Heintz University of Massachusetts

Joni Hersch Harvard Law School

J. K. Kapler University of Massachusetts - Boston

Roger T. Kaufman Smith College

Carl Kaysen Massachussets Institute of Technology

Marlene Kim University of Massachusetts - Boston

Kevin Lang Boston University

Robert Z. Lawrence Harvard University

George C. Lodge Harvard Business School

Lisa M. Lynch Tufts University

Catherine Lynde University of Massachusetts - Boston

Arthur MacEwan University of Massachusetts - Boston

Michael Manove Boston University

John A. Miller Wheaton College

Fred Moseley Mount Holyoke College

Richard J. Murnane Harvard Graduate School of Education

Richard A. Musgrave Harvard University

Julie A. Nelson Tufts University

Eva Paus Mount Holyoke College

Karen A. Pfeifer Smith College

Michael J. Piore Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert Pollin University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Dani Rodrik Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

Janis A. Russell University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Bruce R. Scott Harvard Business School

William G. Shepherd University of Massachusetts

Betty Frances Slade Harvard Institute for International Development (ret.)

Mary Huff Stevenson University of Massachusetts - Boston

John R. Stifler University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Peter Temin Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Terkla University of Massachusetts - Boston

L. C. Thurow Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christopher Tilly University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Gordon C. Winston Williams College

Gary Yohe Wesleyan University

Andrew Zimbalist Smith College

Roger E. Bolton Williams College

Alan de Brauw Williams College

Pascale Joassart University of Massachusetts - Boston

Lucie Schmidt Williams College

Stephen Sheppard Williams College

Lara Shore-Sheppard Williams College

Karl E. Case Wellesley College

David. T. Ellwood Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

James K. Galbraith Harvard University


Katharine Abraham University of Maryland

Alperovitz Gar University of Maryland

Carl F. Christ Johns Hopkins University

Christopher D. Carroll Johns Hopkins University

Jimmy Chan Johns Hopkins University

I. M. Destler University of Maryland

Joseph Froomkin

Joseph E. Harrington, Jr. Johns Hopkins University

Robert G. Lynch Washington College

Louis J. Maccini Johns Hopkins University

Ted R. Miller Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation

Edward Montgomery University of Maryland

Amy K. Taylor

Jonah B. Gelbach University of Maryland, College Park


Rachel Connelly Bowdoin College

Zorina Khan Bowdoin College

Vaishali Mamgain University of Southern Maine

Bruce B. Roberts University of Southern Maine

Tom Tietenberg Colby College

David Vail Bowdoin College

John Fitzgerald Bowdoin College


William James Adams University of Michigan

David Arsen Michigan State University

Timothy J. Bartik Upjohn Institute

Michael H. Belzer Wayne State University

Peter Berg Michigan State University

Paul N. Courant University of Michigan

David B. Crary Eastern Michigan University

Sheldon Danziger University of Michigan

Ronald C. Fisher Michigan State University

Sherrie A. Kossoudji University of Michigan

Mordechai Kreinin Michigan State University

Margaret C. Levenstein University of Michigan

Jeffrey Mackie-Mason University of Michigan

James P. Morgan University of Michigan

Janet S. Netz University of Michigan

Gregory M. Saltzman Albion College and University of Michigan

A. Allan Schmid Michigan State University

Matthew D. Shapiro University of Michigan

Frank Thompson University of Michigan

Thomas E. Weisskopf University of Michigan

Linda Ewing International Union, UAW

James T Bonnen Michigan State University


Stephen V. Burks University of Minnesota

Robert J. Kozlowski Macalester College

Ann R. Markuson University of Minnesota

Andrew McLennan University of Minnesota

Amata Miller College of St. Catherine

Vernon W. Ruttan University of Minnesota

James G. Scoville University of Minnesota

Stephen H. Strand Carleton College

Arthur R. Williams Health Care Policy & Research, Mayo Clinic

Michael R Behr


Steven Fazzari Washington University

Charles Leven Washington University

Timothy McBride Univeristy of Missouri – St.Louis


John R. Conlon University of Mississippi

Marianne T. Hill Mississippi Center for Policy Research


Arthur Benavie University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Patrick Conway University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Helen F. Ladd Duke University

Lawrence Morse North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Pamela Nickless University of North Carolina - Asheville


Richard W. England University of New Hampshire


M. Dutta Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Albert O. Hirschman Institute for Advanced Study

Hilary Sigman Rutgers University

Robert H. Patrick Rutgers University

Douglas Kruse Rutgers University


Melissa Binder University of New Mexico

Samuel Bowles Santa Fe Institute

Gerard Bradley New Mexico Labor Department

David S. Brookshire University of New Mexico

Janie M. Chermak University of New Mexico


Moshe Adler Fiscal Policy Institute

William J. Baumol New York University

Peter Birckmayer SUNY - Empire State College

Lawrence Blume Cornell University

Howard Chernick Hunter College, City University of New York

Paul P. Christensen Hofstra University

Gregory DeFreitas Hofstra University

Ronald G. Ehrenberg Cornell University

Massoud Fazeli Hofstra University

Albert Fishlow Columbia University

Robert H. Frank Cornell University

Irv Garfinkel Columbia University

Devra L. Golbe Hunter College, City University of New York

Ulla Grapard Colgate University

Marjorie Honig Hunter College, City University of New York

Richard Hurd Cornell University

Alfred E. Kahn Cornell University; NERA

Tim Koechlin Vassar College

Shirley Johnson Lans Vassar College

Douglas Koritz Buffalo State College

Nicholas N. Kozlov Hofstra University

Mark Levinson UNITE

Jay R. Mandle Colgate University

Martin Melkonian Hofstra University

Seymour Melman Columbia University

Thomas R. Michl Colgate University

William Milberg New School University

Jerry Miner Syracuse University

James Parrott Fiscal Policy Institute

Cordelia Reimers Hunter College, City University of New York

Trudi Renwick Fiscal Policy Institute

Frank Roosevelt Sarah Lawrence College

Roy J. Rotheim Skidmore College

Jeffrey D. Sachs Columbia University

Stephen J. Schmidt Union College (Schenectady)

Purvi Sevak City University of New York - Hunter College

Sumitra Shah St. John's University

Timothy M. Smeeding Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Ashok Vora Baruch College, City University of New York

Melvin I. White Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Judith Fields Lehman College - City University of New York

Marcia Freedman Columbia University

Paul Johnson Vassar College

Shirley Johnson Lans Vassar College

Vasilios Petratos C.S.I. - City University of New York

Sangi Park SUNY Stony Brook

Robert Rebelein Vassar College

Jonathan Conning Hunter College, CUNY

William Waller Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Marilyn Power Sarah Lawrence College

Frederick Floss Buffalo State College


Rudy Fichtenbaum Wright State University

Barbara Hopkins Wright State University

Paulette Olson Wright State University

James A. Swaney Wright State University


Eban Goodstein Lewis & Clark College

Linda Young Southern Oregon University

Marjorie S Turner San Diego State University


Earl W. Adams Allegheny College

Behrooz Afraslabi Allegheny College

Lawrence Chimerine Radnor International Consulting, Inc.

John Connor Villanova University

Robert Drago Pennsylvania State University

Christina M. Fong Carnegie Mellon University

Wei Ge Bucknell University

Amy K. Glasmeier Pennsylvania State University

Don Goldstein Allegheny College

Stephen Golub Swarthmore College

Paul A. Heise Lebanon Valley College

Steven Husted University of Pittsburgh

David Kristjanson-Gural Bucknell University

Herbert S. Levine University of Pennsylvania

George Loewenstein Carnegie Mellon University

Geoffrey E. Schneider Bucknell University

Kenneth H. Thomas The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

James Tybout Penn State University

Charles L. Weise Gettysburg College

Nancy E. White Bucknell University

Lonnie Golden Pennsylvania State University - Abington

Jean Shackelford Bucknell University


David N. Weil Brown University


Stephen Buckles Vanderbilt University

Andrea Maneschi Vanderbilt University

Teresa Meyer Waters University of Tennessee

Fred M. Westfield Vanderbilt University

Shelley I. White-Means University of Memphis

Paul Davidson University of Tennessee


Lloyd J. Dumas University of Texas - Dallas

Kenneth Flamm LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Donald G. Freeman Sam Houston State University

James K. Galbraith University of Texas, LBJ School of Public Affairs Austin


Gail Blattenberger University of Utah

Kenneth P. Jameson University of Utah

David Kiefer University of Utah

Thomas N. Maloney University of Utah

James M. Rock University of Utah

Norman J. Waitzman University of Utah


Drucilla K. Barker Hollins University

William F. Hellmuth Virginia Commonwealth University

Andrew I. Kohen James Madison University

Darryl Lowry Roanoke College

Glen H. Mitchell

John V. Pepper University of Virginia, Charlottesville


Jeffrey P. Carpenter Middlebury College

Michael P. Claudon Middlebury College

Carolyn Craven Middlebury College

Jonathan Isham Middlebury College

Peter Hans Matthews Middlebury College

Elaine McCrate University of Vermont

Stephanie Seguino University of Vermont

Ross Thomson University of Vermont


Ralph Andreano University of Wisconsin - Madison

Daniel W. Bromley University of Wisconsin - Madison

Laura Dresser University of Wisconsin - Madison

Steven Durlauf University of Wisconsin

Arthur S. Goldberger University of Wisconsin

Donald Hausch University of Wisconsin - Madison

Robert Haveman University of Wisconsin, Madison

Donald D. Hester University of Wisconsin

M. Kevin McGee University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Brad Barham University of Wisconsin - Madison


Peter V. Schaeffer West Virginia University

Steven Shuklian Marshall University


David Barkin Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Unidad Xochimilco

Fikret Ceyhun AEA & URPE

J. Malcolm Dowling Singapore Management University

Lawrence D. Jones University of British Columbia

Laura D’Andrea Tyson London Business School

# # #