Friday, June 22nd, 2007 - Bell Time @ 8:00pm
At the KYDA Pro Entertainment Complex - 7213 Gabe Court - Manassas - Virginia 20110

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Current Champions

Prince Malik

KYDA Pro Heavyweight Championship

On June 8th 2007, Prince Malik faced off against KYDA Pro Heavyweight Champion Christian York in a four way match that also included John Kermon and Bazooka Joe. The match ended with York tapping out to all three of his opponenets at the same time. For the time being it was decided that all three men would be declared the winner until the KYDA Pro management committee could get together and come to a decision.

The KYDA Pro management committee gathered and reviewed the match discovering that Prince Malik was the legal man in the ring when Christian York tapped out. On June 15th, it was announced that Malik was the new KYDA Pro Heavyweight Champion and that his title reign was to be official as of June 8th.

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Former KYDA Pro Heavyweight Championship Holders

Champion Dates Held
Christian York 05/04/2007 to 06/08/2007
Lance McIntyre 04/27/2007 to 05/04/2007
Christian York 03/08/2007 to 04/27/2007
James A. Zaveski Ph.D. 07/17/1999 to 07/17/1999

Former KYDA Pro Champions Include

Steve Corino

Jack FU

Dylan Night

Tommy Dreamer

Dirty Money

Brock Singleton

Snatch Haggis

John Kermon

Simply Luscious Ronnie Stevens

CA Elliot

Dorian Deville

Leslie Leatherman

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