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AFI to play Freeborn Hall on Thursday

An interview with band lead guitarist Jade Puget

By: Nicole L. Browner

Issue date: 2/28/07 Section: Arts & Entertainment
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It's been really fun for the band and myself � that we continue to go upward. It's definitely strange for a band to be together for 16 years and to keep going up and up. We've got to experience so many things, from playing little tiny clubs to playing big arenas. Recently, we played on "Saturday Night Live," which has always been a dream of mine.

One of the more recent Bay Area shows AFI played was at Slim's with local underground punk/hardcore favorites Ceremony and Dispute. How did that show come about?

We like to do things for our fan club, so we decided we would play a string of shows in California geared toward them. But all that stuff always comes from us ?? we don't let some random [record] label person book our shows. We had been on the road for a while, were rusty and wanted to play some shows. After that show, we took Dispute with us to Europe and it was a great time � both of those bands are awesome.

You are going to play at UC Davis' Freeborn Hall this coming Thursday, Mar. 1. What are your experiences playing college campuses?

We play colleges quite a bit because if you're somewhere like the Midwest, often that's the place you want to play because a lot of the towns are either small or people don't really get it. Like, for example, playing Lawrence, Kan., which is kind of like Berkeley, it's all students.� Freeborn Hall at UC Davis was actually the first show we played for the album Sing the Sorrow.

What plans does AFI have for the future, with touring, writing and collaboration?

I do a lot of remix stuff � Davey and I are putting out a record soon of our [electronic] side project Blaqk Audio. We plan to keep touring and are going to Europe next month. We will be making a video next week, touring through summer and then writing a new record. There is no release date right now, but I've been writing a little bit, and I hope it won't take a long time to release it.

Davis used to have a lot more punk and hardcore shows in the past at places like the ASUCD Coffee House on campus. What are your thoughts and experiences with growing up in and getting things going for a struggling punk scene?

It's hard to find a venue for shows - you have to deal with crappy venue owners � you have to [do everything] yourself. If you're into doing it for the scene and making your scene stronger, then it's worth it. That's how AFI got their start - we were playing little shows in small clubs and doing that kind of thing, getting a scene together in our town.

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