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Welcome to the Online ADRIFT Reference Site.

A thin shaft of light streaks through the cracked wardrobe door, glinting off a couple of metal hangers, bare of the clothes that once hung there. A couple of hats lie on the wardrobe floor, and one is perched atop a baseball bat resting far in the corner. Your fresh-muddied boots squish as you try to tuck yourself further into the darkness, leaving you with a thin view of a strip of wallpaper from the adjacent room, and a severed hand that still twitches, lying on the floor just outside.

Please Note: This site is work in progress and there are some broken links and other non-working things at the moment, please bear with us as we compile the site together. Thanks for your patients in this matter.

This site will help you get to grips with the Adventure Development and Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit (ADRIFT), a text adventure creator that allows you to create interactive adventures with the greatest of ease.

NOTICE: As learnt from past experience, this site will not be constantly updated, but will be a holding ground for many ADRIFT things, tutorials questions & answers, downloads, adventure creation advice, ADRIFT tips & tricks plus a whole lot more.

It's definitely worth coming here if you're having trouble with your adventure as many experienced Drifters have probably had the same problem, which they have worked out and shared with the ADRIFT community.






More has been added, an Alternate Room Description Tutorial, the Writing Challenge section, a site map, more links, and a shuffle of the menus.


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I applaud Mystery for the effort of trying to resurrect OARS and her input and graphical expertise. I'd also like to that the guys on the ADRIFT Forum for the feedback to the site and helping me shape it into what it is.