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'Sivaji' is all set to be a hit in US
2007-06-15 12:19:35 Source : Moneycontrol.com
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Rajnikanth�s new film 'Sivaji' is getting the royal treatment in the United States. The distributor has bought double the number of prints compared to his previous starrer 'Chandramukhi'. Tickets for the opening weekend were sold out in key markets like New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area a week before the release. Indian fans in the US will find a special connection to the film as parts of it were shot in New York.

One block near Wall Street in downtown Manhattan could soon become familiar to millions of moviegoers in India, as this is one of the locations in New York where Rajnikant filmed a few scenes for his latest film Sivaji. US Line Producer, Sivaji, Tirlok Malik told CNBC-TV18, "They wanted to have an area of Wall Street, New York City, where they could show the skyline of New York City, and some very dramatic buildings, the airport, things like that."

After working with the superstar on his New York schedule, line producer Tirlok Malik and American actor Joe Amato found themselves joining the ranks of Rajnikant�s fans. Malik says, "We were shooting at the airport and we needed to change his costume. So, I asked him, Sir should I get you a room? He says No don�t worry. He went behind the van and changed his clothes. And I was truly in awe and amazed - that�s like independent filmmaking - he was amazing."

Joe Amato, an actor in the film Sivaji says, "I�d never heard of him before. I�d never done a bollywood film before. But since then, every time I ask somebody who�s from India or South-east Asia, when I ask them about him, they get all excited and light up and they say Oh yes, yes, yes, you know him? I go, well, I worked with him for a couple of days and he�s a very nice man, and they get very excited."

Sivaji opens in 24 theatres across the United States this week, adding 19 more in the next couple of weeks, in locations ranging from New York-New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area to smaller cities like Little Rock, Arkansas and Madison, Wisconsin. The Telugu version will open in 21 theatres.

Eager Rajnikant fans in America are already snapping up tickets and shows are sold out for the first few days in many markets. Sivaji is all set to make waves in the United States.

Indira Kannan

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