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    Who is L. Ron Hubbard?
    A best-selling author, Mr. Hubbard is the founder of Dianetics and Scientology. During the years he was Founder and Executive Director of a worldwide religious organization he investigated the fundamental laws and rules under which groups best operate, and the forms and functions of organization. From these researches came his Administrative Technology. For more about Mr. Hubbard, read his biography.
  2. What is the relationship of the College to L. Ron Hubbard?
    The College teaches the administrative technology developed by Mr. Hubbard. It is the most widely used administrative system in the world, applied by thousands of businesses and other groups in many nations.
  3. Does the College teach Scientology® principles?
    No. Scientology is a religion. The College is a secular educational institution which teaches only Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology which is widely applicable to, and used by, businesses, groups of all kinds and, even, governments.
  4. What is Standard Administration?
    It is a real technology of administration—the right way to do administrative actions or organize something. Mr. Hubbard spent more than three decades developing and codifying what he termed "Standard Administration," the word standard meaning "a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose."
  5. Are there writings by Mr. Hubbard on Standard Administration?
    Yes, there are a number of books available at the College. There are also the twelve encyclopedia-sized volumes, including an index volume, one series titled "The Organization Executive Course" and the other the "Management Series." They contain the entire record of Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries and advances in the fields of organization and management.

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