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The first 4000 copies of The Endless Not came with a Totemic Gift inserted into the spine area of the jewel case. Four Editions, of 1000 copies each, in copper, bone, rubber and wood, were released.

The Totemic Gifts were handmade under Peter Christopherson's personal supervision in Thailand. These copies were distributed world wide, although obviously opportunities to find them were limited and to some extent random.

As far as we know none of these editions that reached stores remain unsold.

We are very aware that many people will not have had the opportunity to obtain copies of these Editions (indeed may never have even seen them) so in the nick of time, we purchased a small number and held them back so as to make them slightly more generally available to regular visitors to our website.

We do not believe in limiting the availability of our music, so the non-Totem edition will continue be available at 'market price' from regular stores and sources, but we understand that collectors are out there who would prefer to buy objects directly from the artists, in the form they were originally intended.

Single copies of the cd including a Totemic Gift (selected at random from what few remain) are available here. In addition to the 4 Totem Editions from Mute, there is a Japanese release of the Endless Not which contains a fifth Totemic Gift item, in stainless steel.

For the avid collector we have gathered and bound in brass and jute string (which can be re-tied) a very small number of Sets of all five cds containing one of each of the five Totems.

(Note: This item cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world.)

Finally Peter Christopherson has produced a sixth Totemic Gift in hand-beaten 23-carat gold, of which at present only one exists. For the collector who craves a truly unique art object, it can be purchased here.

(Notes: The majority of this price is the value of the gold itself. If we receive more than a single order, we reserve the right to extend the edition to a maximum of 7 copies, of which 4 will remain in the permanent archives of members of TG.)


As you may have seen, TG will be presenting an Installation at London's ICA, on June 1-3, 2007 during which they will be recording the initial parts for a new album which is based on their interpretation of Nico's classic Desertshore album, which we hope after final production, to release in 2008.

On each of the three days, the public will be admitted for two two-hour sessions which will NOT be shows, but rather the opportunity to watch TG at work in the studio.

Although TG expect to be playing for a good proportion of the time, they will also be just chatting, having cups of tea, getting vocal sounds, practising, doing multiple takes etc. In fact, a unique insight into the working processes of a unique band.

These six two-hour sessions will be recorded in full on a Soundfield microphone, then a small number pressed onto 12 discs in cd-r format, the size of the edition being based largely on the number of pre-orders received.

The resulting set of 12 cd-rs, housed in a 12 page stamped cd wallet, will be available from this store only - a must for interested parties unable to attend in person, and for all serious collectors of TG Art.

We hope to use these audio recordings as the centre-piece of an Art Installation for future presentation in major art galleries.

(We plan to ship within one week of the end of Installation. You will not be charged until the item is dispatched but please order now to reserve your copy, otherwise we may not press enough. There will only be one pressing of this Object, and we cannot guarantee availability for very long after the Installation is complete.)