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50,000 Turkish Soldiers at Turkish-Iraqi Border Region


Recast Genocide Exhibit Opens at U.N.


Revised Genocide Exhibit Opens



UN Exhibition Opening Invite—30 April 2007


CHAK Condemns the Turkish Denial of the Armenian Genocide


Armenians Mark Anniversary of 1915 Mass Killings 


Why Armenia Pays High Price for 'Genocide' Campaign


The Unspeakable G-Word


Genocide Resolution Still Far From Certain


Turkish Denialists Perpetuate Their Hold on Power at the Expense of the Turkish People


EU Plans to Outlaw Holocaust Denial


Turkey and the U.N.’s Cover-Up


Talking Turkey: Peabody Artist's Film Tells Stories of Armenian Genocide


Objections Lead U.N. to Delay Genocide Exhibit


UN Genocide Exhibit Delayed After Turkey Objects




Murdered Journalist's Family Want Proof of Government's Intention to Punish All Those Responsible


Swiss Court Deals Turkey a Far-Reaching Defeat


Israel Parliament Rejects Discussion of Armenian Genocide Bill




Agos Newspaper Receives 250 Death Threats 


Turkish Foreign Minister Warns against Possible Congressional Genocide Resolution


The Terminated




Hrant Dink’s Assassination and Genocide’s Legacy


Official Ready to Re-examine Law Shielding Turks’ Identity 


Armenian-Turkish Unity at Slain Editor’s Funeral


Armenian Editor’s Death Leads to Conciliation


Turkish Gunman Said to Confess to Killing Armenian Editor


Turkish Police Arrest Teenage Suspect in Editor’s Killing 


Armenian in Istanbul


Hrant Dink’s last column: “Like a nervous pigeon: my unsettled state of mind,” Agos, 10 January 2007


Letter, NY Times: “Editor Who Spoke for Turkey’s Ethnic Armenians Is Slain,” by Ambassador John Evans


Armenian Anger at Turkish Murder 


Turkish-Armenian Editor Shot Dead in Istanbul


Turkish-Armenian writer Hrant Dink assassinated in Istanbul


First Web Class on the Armenian Genocide Launched






Where Traditional and Modern Meet and Sashay Along


Armenia Genocide in Brave Detail




Pope Recalls Genocide during Turkey Visit 


"Mass Grave Discovery" in Turkey as Pope Continues Tense Trip


Sweden to Investigate Finding of Assyrian Mass Graves in Turkey


Awaiting Pope, Turkey Is Unsure About Ties to West


The Council of Edinburgh City Reaffirms Its Recognition of the Armenian Genocide


Christian Converts on Trial in Turkey


Turks Protest Against Pope's Visit


Turkey Freezes Military Ties With France 


University Professor Talks about His Book on Armenian Genocide 


Turkey and Europe: Why Strained Friendship Is Fraying


Dead Reckoning: The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Silence


Turkish PM Regrets EU 'Obstacles' 




Statue Marking WWI-Era Massacre Stolen 


Turkish Laureate Criticizes French Legislation


Suddenly, Those Armenian Mass Graves Opened Up Before My Own Eyes


The Opposition against Turkey in the EU has begun to present an Ugly Face 


Turkish Writer Wins Nobel in Literature


New Monument to Holocaust and Armenian Genocide in Yerevan


Turkey Warns France Over Armenian Genocide Bill 


Turkish Writers Say Efforts to Stifle Speech May Backfire 


Chirac Urges Turks to Recognize Genocide




European Parliament and the Armenian Genocide: Joint Statement of the European Civil Society


Istanbul Court Clears Author of Insulting Turkish Identity


Open Letter to Turkish Students, By Peter Balakian


Talking With Turks and Armenians about the Genocide


Genocide Issue Blocks Naming Of U.S. Ambassador To Armenia


‘Bastard’ Pits Turkey Against Itself




May Freedom of Expression Triumph


TV Pulls Holocaust Film amid Public Opposition against Its Airing 


Writers on Trial




Turkey pulling ambassador from Canada and France


Confessions of an Honest Kurd; The Assyrian & Armenian Genocide; Past and present


Letter to the Editor: Beware Serial Denier of Known Genocides


Turkey: Circassian Minority Asserts Its Identity




Genocide’s lesson timeless


Griswold v. Driscoll: Brief of Amicus Curiae, International Association of Genocide Scholars in Support of Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts


Documenting and Debating a ‘Genocide’


The Price of Denial: Why Turkey needs to come to terms with history


Genocide as History, Legal Flashpoint


Case Against 4 Turkish Journalists Dropped


Hope Not Hate, by Apo Torosyan


A PBS Documentary Makes Its Case for the Armenian Genocide, With or Without a Debate 


Articles About the Armenian Genocide         




The Armenian Genocide Petition


Armenian Genocide on Australia Public Television


Turkish Denialists Anger Germany


Press Communique from Wales Armenia Solidarity


Reply from WGBH Boston to Viewers Requesting Broadcast of “The Armenian Genocide,” by Andrew Goldberg


Open Letter to PBS Stations from the International Association of Genocide Scholars Endorsing “The Armenian Genocide,” by Andrew Goldberg


Open letter from International Association of Genocide Scholars to KCET, Los Angeles


PBS’ Perverse Genocide Debate, by Aris Janigian, LA Times, 9 March 2006




Armenian Furor Over PBS Plan for Debate


Trial of Journalists Begins




Court Drops Charges Against Author for 'Insulting' Turkey






Turkey Brings Another Case Against an Ethnic Armenian


Opinion: Massachusetts and Genocide


Courting Europe, Turkey Tries Some Soul-Cleansing




Turkey's Mistreatment of Christians Becoming More Brazen, Persecution worsening even as the country seeks entry into EU


Genocide or Not?


Opinion on Massachusetts Lawsuit By Armenian Genocide Deniers, Dr. Gregory Stanton




Letter to the Editor, Wall Street Journal, on Turkish Lawsuit 27 October 2005


Turkish Denial of Armenian Genocide Goes to a U.S. Court, WSJ 27 October 2005


Time Prints Full Page Ad to Rectify Turkish DVD Flap


Turkey’s Pamuk Stands By Figures on Armenian and Kurd Mass Murders in Turkey


In Turkey, the Novelist as Lightning Rod


Turkey Gags Journalist Over “Insult”


House International Relations Committee Overwhelming Adopts Armenian Genocide Legislation


E.U. Bid Keeps Turkey on Path of Reform




Conference On Ottoman Armenians Continues In Istanbul


Forum on Armenian massacre defies ban

Turkey: Armenian forum goes ahead


Armenian rebuke deals blow to Turks' EU ambition


Despite Late Challenge, Scholars Finally Hold Meeting in Turkey on Armenian Genocide


European Talks on Turkey Stall as Austria Insists on Lesser Role


European Union Formally Opens Talks on Turkey's Joining


Turkish forum on Armenians halted, Issue seen as key to membership process for EU


Turkey, EU rap court stopping Armenia conference


Turkish academics grasp nettle on Armenians


Abuse of Electroshock Found in Turkish Mental Hospitals




Erdogan's Adviser Bagis Sends Letter To U.S. Legislators




What’s the Turkish for Genocide?




Dissident conference stirs tensions in Turkey


Worldwide Campaign Launched Protesting Time-Europe’s Advertisement Denying Armenian Genocide


Chancellor’s Statement on Cancellation of Conference


An Insider’s View


Joint Declaration of the Conference Organizers and Participants 27 May 2005


Letter from Middle East Studies Association to Prime Minister of Turkey


Protest by the Executive Committee of the International Association of Genocide Scholars


Statement of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Jerusalem, 30 May 2005


Press Declaration of the History Foundation of Turkey


Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey from the International Association of Genocide Scholars


Letter to Prime Minister of Turkey from the Council of the American Historical Association


Letter to the London Times from Gregory Stanton


Author Orhan Pamuk to Face Trial for “Public Denigration” of Turkish Identity


Turkey’s Forgotten Islamist Pogrom


American Foreign Service Association Withdraws Award to U.S. Envoy For Referring to the Armenian Genocide as Genocide


Report of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission – International Center for Transitional Justice