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Xel-Ha Riviera Maya - About Us

Who are we?
We are leaders in the management, operation and marketing of ecological parks for tourism. By the end of 2000, our parks had received more than 750,000 tourists for an annual income of approximately 20 million dollars.

What we do?
We were granted the marketing and operating concessions for Xel-Ha since 1995, through the expedient of 30-year trusts.

How do we do it?
The parks were badly deteriorated both physically and in terms of their infrastructure when we received them. We moved ahead on both fronts, shoring up the infrastructures and restoring the parks' former beauty. Our approach worked; the concessions are now growth companies that promote unique tourist attractions, create jobs and contribute to the economy and the community.

Where are we headed?
Our experience to date has allowed us to continue to develop and improve our parks, while serving as consultants or joint operators of other parks in the region.

Our Mission Statement
To share with all our visitors a magical, unique, invaluable and unforgettable experience in our natural wonder.

The strategies we use to achieve the mission of the company aim at positioning Xel-Ha as a one-of-a-kind natural wonder, developing its brand name and letting the future visitors know about the unique, magical experience their visit at Xel-Ha will be.

Our Goals
1. To be the best natural water park in the world.
2. To be a model company as regards sustainable tourist recreation and social responsibility. To be the best company to work for in Mexico and one of the top 100 worldwide.

Contact Us - Do you have any question, tip, suggestion, or comment? Please send us your feedback. See more

Cancun - Cancun Mexico is an island approximately 16 miles long and a quarter-mile wide. It is situated in the state of Quintana Roo in the south-eastern part of Mexico off the northeast tip of the Yucatan peninsula, on the Caribbean coast. See more

Playa del Carmen - Playa del Carmen or Playa as it is called by the locals has acquired international fame in the unprecedented short span of just ten years. See more

Awards - Xel-Ha Park receives ESR 2003 Award, Mexico’s Philanthropy Center awarded Xel-Ha Park the ESR 2003 Award in recognition of its achievements as a socially responsible company. See more

History - The Maya christened the area Xel-Ha. Xel for source or spring, and ha for water, so the name roughly translates 'where the water is born' or 'source of the water'. See more

Mayan Legend - After "bulkabal", the last deluge, the world was in chaos, from which darkness was born and the universe returned to its origin. NOTHING MOVED, NOTHING HAD EXISTENCE. There were only the sea and the sky inhabited by darkness and silence. See more

Riviera Maya - Along the northern coast of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, the Riviera Maya extends over more than 95 miles of silky sand beaches, emerald jungles, millenary sinkholes, archeological sites, ecological reserves, theme parks, picturesque villages and many tourist developments. See more

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