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Your introduction to foreplay

May 18, 2007

Foreplay is highly appreciated by men and women as it's not only an essential part of making you ready for the intercourse but also is the best way to show your affection towards partner. Nothing brings in so much pleasure and colors to lovemaking as foreplay, besides you can always vary the forms of foreplay introducing different erotic plays to make every session unique and sensual.

Why do we need foreplay?

Pleasant atmosphere

Foreplay gives an opportunity for both partners to create sensual air and distract from unnecessary things that can interfere in physical connection.


For many women foreplay is necessary condition to become ready for penetration and in a lot of cases foreplay can become a direct path to orgasm. During a foreplay women's genitals are getting lubricated and men achieve an erection.

Body exploration

Partners learn a good deal about each others bodies during foreplay, one's preferences and sexual responses. They become more familiar with likes and dislikes and begin to communicate on a physical and emotional level better.

What can you do during foreplay?

It's up to you to make a foreplay match your needs and in most cases a man and a woman who engage in foreplay may instinctively choose a way to please a partner and derive most pleasure from kissing, caressing each others sensitive zones with hands or mouth or using sex toys.

Foreplay is also not simply a physical activity but also highly gratifying mentally and emotionally. The only thought that you are giving your partner the greatest pleasure or he or she awakens your sexuality can be as arousing as touch. No wonder many sex games are appreciated by men and woman of various ages. keep in mind that foreplay begins in the brain, thats why the best way to start is to talk to your partner and make him or her feel desirable.

What time is required for a foreplay?

There is not such a thing as right time for foreplay. Many sexologists claim that women need more time for foreplay but this issue is very individual and depends on personal attitude, sexual temperament, sexual circumstances, experience and a lot of other things. In fact, one woman can enjoy long foreplay one time and be ready for intercourse with little or no time next time.

The biggest mistake men and women do is to keep to one "push the right button" method during foreplay. Foreplay is not a technical way to bring your partner to orgasm – but more a part of the whole process of making sexual contact more satisfying.

Interesting fact

Scientists taking part in the research of sexual arousal found out that women on average are no different from men when it comes to the time of foreplay. Experts from McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada revealed that irrespective of the gender, people reach the peak of sexual arousal within 10 minutes if they watched sexually explicit movies or pictures. Tuuli Kukkonen and her colleagues from McGill University Health Centre used thermal imaging to record temperature in genitals of men and women.

Participants (28 men and 30 women) were watching different videos from pornography to comedy naked with their genitals exposed. The computer records that were used for the experiment showed that individual‛s baseline temperature increased by 2°C when watching pornography. The difference between men‛s and women‛s temperatures was not significant.

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