Welcome to Project Sol, an alternate universe play by e-mail RPG based mostly on the Gundam Wing series with a mix of a few other anime. The whole universe is described in 'Universe'.
          The rules are simple. If your a simple person, this is not the RPG for you. Make sure to read the 'Rules' if you do not want Atla yelling at you for making a stupid mistake. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to e-mail Atla, e-mailing Chielo may delay your answer by having to ask Atla. If you are serious about joining, please try to read
everything, including the instructors bios. Thank you.
The Instructors:
Atla Loire
Chielo N'Guya
Warning: Talking to the GMs may be hazardous to your mental health.
© 2003 Atla Loire and Chielo N'Guya - Character Creators / Owners. All Rights Reserved.
Other Stuff
When Last Updated:
September 4, 2005: Yep, were dead again, horrible horrible fate, oh woe is me..... ok im done whining. On the bright side some people want or wanted to join up cuz of a certain web site out there (i dont know how i got on there but yay!) You can find that site here. Wow, a whole year since my last update. I feel old... (forgets for a moment that the little girl is 120 now)