Smarter than a 5th Grader auditions

Network TEN is holding auditions for its new quiz show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

The series is to be produced by Roving Enterprises and Rove McManus will host.

The American quiz format, produced by Mark Burnett, pits adults again children of primary school age. The questions in the show are all drawn from school textbooks. It has enjoyed enormous ratings in the US thanks to its lead-in, American Idol.

The production is looking for kids to be regulars on the show, who will change with each season.

Ten's programmer David Mott told News Ltd, "From the minute we saw the show from the US we knew it would be an excellent fit for Ten. It is warm, funny and a perfect format to translate to the Australian market."

Radio jock Howard Stern has accused the show of ripping off a segment from his syndicated radio format.

It's certainly turning into the year of the game show...

Audition info.

Wikipedia listing.

Source: Herald-Sun.


Anonymous said...

The American is a bit sus, it's hosted by professional redneck Jeff Foxworthy.

Sillygostly said...

Ugh, it's even worse than I ever imagined... Rove?!

I hope it gets axed after it's first episode. >:(

Anonymous said...

Its a great show..hope it does well..think Rove will be great comparing it..He can relate well to kids when he's interviewed them..I think it will be a big hit

Anonymous said...

I've seen the US version and I believe Rove will be perfect..Channel 10 couldn't have picked a better host..
I read that Roving productions are producing the show..David, do Rovimg Enterprises sell the show to Channel 10 or do they produce it jointly with them?What time slot will it be on?

David Knox said...

Generally its networks that buy overseas formats so its likely to be some form of co-production.

No airdate yet. You would think 6:30 Sunday but thats too much Rove for anyone on one night, so I'd be looking midweek. Probably where Con test went when TGYH is off.