Summoned to the Diary Room, new boys Jonathan, Brian, Billi and Liam have been told by Big Brother they must complete a specific task -- form a 'House band' and sing a song.

And the name of the band? The Big Brother Village People.

In the words of a certain bearded antipodean artist; 'Can you tell what it is yet?'

That's right -- the four lads are to perform 1978 dance-floor filler Y.M.C.A.


Practising in the garden, the boys donned plastic raincoats to keep out the elements while they synchronised their moves. A sight to behold...

They were told they had just an hour to perfect their routine - but after 60 minutes they weren't exactly looking like they'd come from Michael Flatley's school of dancing.

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After an extra half hour, it was time to dress up and strut their funky stuff (sho'nuff!) for the other housemates: Billi as the Sailor, Brian as the Biker, Jonathan as the Native American and Liam as the Cop.

With a luxury food budget at stake, can the boys find the 'Macho Man' in themselves..?