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Takasaki Annual Events at a glance

January 6th and 7th

The Daruma Doll Festival is held at the Shorinzan Temple where the Daruma Dolls were first invented.  Over 400,000 people from all over the Kanto Plain come to buy new good-luck dolls for the year.  Takasaki produces 80% of Japan's Daruma Dolls.  One can identify a Takasaki Daruma Doll by the unique way in which the eyebrow and mustache is drawn.There is a also a 24-hour reading of sutras praying for world peace by the monks at Shorinzan.

First Saturday and Sunday of August

One will start to hear the beat of drums every night starting in early July. The people of Takasaki are practicing for the summer festival when floats and mikoshi shrines are paraded through the streets. Food vendors, fireworks, taiko drums, and shouts of encouragement fill the summer air not only in Takasaki but throughout Japan.


The quite, autumn nights have an erie glow to them as we look up towards Mt. Kannon. Bonfires and torchlight are the only illumination used during the Takasaki Takigi Noh Theater.No neon lights of pachinko parlors here to break up the traditional atmosphere.


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