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Secret Report Interview - Kingdom Hearts Series Questions Answered!
Written by Monkey   
Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I actually had a few other things planned to update today, but I find this to be very interesting. This is an interview with the Another Report book, it is a book that comes with preordering Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ in Japan. This interview is not an official translation, rather, a fan translation. It contains a lot of interesting information on the series!

Director's Secret Report:

I. Until now in the Kingdom Hearts (hereafter KH) Series, there have been 2 types of "Kingdom Hearts" refering to the Heart of Worlds and the Heart of Men, could you explain the mechanics of this?

Think of the basic setting of KH as "All life has a heart". The heart of a world can be considered the things of nature, for example, the trees in a forest, a sea or river, a flower and so forth, when they all come together to form a world a large heart will come into existence. And concerning the hearts designated to men, all the hearts of humans and animals living in the world are integrated. As for Kingdom Hearts, think of it as if the heart is essentially the culmination of an invisible "Proof of Life"

II. Worlds appear in KH, could you please give an explanation of the means of coming and going between them?

Concerning the structure of worlds, first Sora and the Disney characters, and where ever we dwell, these so called normal worlds are attached to a World of Light. If all of these exisit at the same level and you imagine them all sitting on top of a plane, there is also plane of existance on the other side where the World of Darkness exists.

At present, there are 4 worlds in between these planes that have appeared. A) Castle Oblivion, B)Twilight Town, C) Yen Cid's Tower, and D) The World That Never Was. Constructed in this manner, Light < C < B > A > D > Darkness, you can imagine 2 planes with stairs ranging between the worlds. There are 2 means of transfer between these worlds, first being the Gummi Ship Sora uses in what is called the "Sea of Outer Space". In this way they can come and go between the worlds dotted through space. There is an invisible shell covering these worlds, so as to preserve the original world from interference from other worlds. By opening the hearts of each of these worlds this shell is broken and will become a group of shooting stars pouring down. Once settled, these shooting stars will become the Gummi Parts of the Gummi Ship. Because they were originally from the shell covering this world, it becomes possible to interfere into each world.

There is one more method, the use of the "Dark Corridor". There are those who are on a fallen path, essentially not being on the path they should be. Only those who can be said to have a Dark existance or an Inbetween existance can make these doorways. On rare occasion those with particularly strong feelings or hatred, such as the case with Beast and Diz and perhaps others like them can open these paths. However you must be careful when coming into contact with such darkness. As such, if you use these paths too often you will be completely swallowed by darkness. Sora has used these paths several times before, but the degree of frequency hasn't allowed the darkness to stain his heart, so you can think of the influential power of darkness as being dependant upon the strength of the persons heart.

As for the Nobodies who have no heart and the King and Riku, using these paths many times doesn't concern them. Why doesn't the darkness progressively swallow them you ask? There are secret similarites between the two that I talk about within this document.

III. About the World of Darkness and such, you haven't gone into detail. Could you possible talk about some of these things? Does the beach at the beginning and end of KH have some connection to the World of Darkness?

Presently there are 4 main untold stories to consider.
-The period of the King's absence
-The period of Riku's absence
-Roxas' time in Organization XIII
-Xehanort's past

In this case, The story of "The period of the King's absence" is set in the realm of darkness. I am examining a way to tell these 4 stories so I might be able to find a way to tell them soon.

What can be called the dark coastline seen at the beginning and end of KHII is the tip of a world. It is not strictly part of the realm of darkness but rather what serves as the boundary line in between the dark and the inbetween. In the ending, Sora and Riku were on the coast on the inbetween side and were looking at the sea of the realm of darkness. The door visible in the dark sea is a scene that symbolizes "Deep within the darkness, there is light", as Sora said in the previous KH.

Please note, this is not the full interview, keep checking back as hopefully this is updated. This interview was translated by Gamefaqs member TheWertle, a wonderful job, and a huge thanks to him, as well as Kingdom Hearts Network for the heads up!

Interesting indeed, what do you think?

User Comments

First comment! can't wait to read about the reports..

Posted by DarkSoraStrife, on 04/17/2007 at 22:40

wow this is very interesting, i can't wait to read the rest of the interview

Posted by riku's_artist7, on 04/17/2007 at 22:41

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAng! this is some deep stuff! I need to look over my theories :)

Posted by Questions of heart, on 04/17/2007 at 22:48

Hopefully the rest of the interview will be posted soon, and maybe a quick synaposis of it too will appear some time soon.

Posted by HiddenKeyBlade, on 04/17/2007 at 23:17

This is interesting. I want to read the rest of it!

Posted by Riku's Shadow, on 04/17/2007 at 23:18

Ouh. This will be very helpful in theories and such, and fanfictions as well :D thanks TheWertle! xD It's kinda like a 'Nomura Report', isn't it? I dunno, I'm assuming it was Nomura who was interviewed . . . Right? xDDD

Posted by LKani_X, on 04/17/2007 at 23:20

Nice... Now I really hope KH2FM+ comes out in US becuase then i can get the book too.

Posted by Snap1102, on 04/17/2007 at 23:32

Extremely interesting, I knew that Mickey's absence was more than what it looked like. The 4 untold stories are mind-bending!

Posted by Sylv XIII, on 04/17/2007 at 23:43

really looking forward to this especially the 4 untold stories, this is going to clear up a lot of speculation, and thanks to TheWertle, ;+)

Posted by Salux, on 04/18/2007 at 00:16

i hope it comes to the US cause i have every single game in the US version and i want to get that game too. Its so cool and all the new and extra things in it and re:com is like the best game too. and i also want kh2 to come to the psp!

Posted by marluxia's aprentice, on 04/18/2007 at 02:26

wat i want to know is about roxas's absence and were xemnas found him

Posted by welcome to darkness, on 04/18/2007 at 02:54

Anybody get the feeling that these four points are crucial to the supposed 'prequel' that the secret ending is pointing to? Even more so, how travel between the light and dark realms tends to coincide with the characters' personalities? We haven't seen the last of Sora, simply because why he's different hasn't been delved into yet.

Posted by Drgnmastr_Alex, on 04/18/2007 at 02:54

aah its hard to understand it early in the morning hahaha... but i'd like to read more! too bad i cant understand japanese!
*if I preordered the KH2:FM+ in playasia, does it mean i get the Another Report??

Posted by aquaticmelody, on 04/18/2007 at 02:59

wow, that explains quite a bit. i really need the rest of that interview. im looking quite forward to hearing about the period of Rikus and the Kings absence (if Nomura tells us!!!).

Posted by HEARTofFIRE1307, on 04/18/2007 at 03:01

awesome find!
4 stories...
four games?????

I dunno

Posted by Sora_is_mine*2, on 04/18/2007 at 17:27

Does anyone else find it curious that Xehanort's past is among those four yet untold stories? I mean, all the other three seem to have some relevance to the KH1+KH2 -story, at least in the sense that they happened during the events of Sora's journey. However, since one would think it takes years to do research and so forth, while all these other events took place within a year or so, the Xehanort's past as Ansem's research apprentice (and besides, who knows how far the 'past' actually refers to) must've been at least several years before anything else! So mentioning this among the other untold tales would seem to indicate some special significance..

Posted by Weeros, on 04/18/2007 at 20:00

I want to know when(or if) kh2fx+ is going to come out in US!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Toby15, on 04/18/2007 at 21:01

I want to know when(or if) kh2fx+ is going to come out in US!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Toby15, on 04/18/2007 at 21:01

I want to know when(or if) kh2fx+ is going to come out in US!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Toby15, on 04/18/2007 at 21:02

when is the kh2 manga coming to america!!!

Posted by Xemas, on 04/27/2007 at 16:07

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