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This pile-driving live album actually benefits from the songs' samey-ness -- with scary-clown rap-metal bullshit getting steamrolled by big riffs and speed-punk beats, Slipknot sound like a new-school Motorhead. Just be thankful you can't make out the words.


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Review 1 of 5

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Hetfield713 writes:

4of 5 Stars

4/5 1 reason its a LIVE album alot of the time i cannot hear the crowd, but all and all GREAT CD!!!!

Feb 28, 2006 20:11:42

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butsexcrip writes:

2of 5 Stars

a must for any maggot however vocals are for the most part shitty. Music as always kicks u in the nuts. But for myself, having seen knot live twice, this is dissapointing.

Dec 26, 2005 21:50:27

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Review 3 of 5

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Chewy writes:

2of 5 Stars

After seeing what a juggernaut of a live act Slipknot were last year, I had to buy this cd. As you can tell by the rating I gave it...I was disappointed. While the music itself was a highlight (despite the odd mistake, like Sid forgetting to scratch in a song when he is needed), Corey is just begging to lose his voice. He mumbles and talks jibberish during the faster, more louder songs and during the softer ones he while either let the crowd hide hos voice or he will mearly "talk" the lyrics, rather than singing them. Don't get me wrong, singing Slipknot songs isn't the easiest job to do but I can't help but feel that a little editing and better choice of shows would of gone along way...

Dec 25, 2005 21:36:30

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Review 4 of 5

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Physcward writes:

5of 5 Stars

This is the best Slipknot ablum of all time. The people in the back ground screaming and yelling gives the ablum the fell that it needs.

Dec 21, 2005 19:28:20

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Review 5 of 5

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FilmosopherILG writes:

2of 5 Stars

Every now and then, "The Stone" gives us a sloppy review....We shouldn't be thankful that we can't make out the words: The words are what makes Slipknot. They're a twisting vortex of anger and deception that drive you through those hard times. THEY'RE mad so YOU don't have to be. Then why did I give this album 2 stars? Because you absolutely CAN'T hear the words. Corey Taylor's diction is so muffled that it's just plain rediculous. Yes, you'll find yourself rocking out to the insane riffs this small army can pull off. Yes, the power and intensity is all there amongst a good number of tracks. But only hardcore fans will be able to make out what Corey is saying. Everything else is gibberish.

Dec 5, 2005 12:05:22

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