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intermediate Tip #1040: Good leading and trailing whitespace highlighting

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created:   November 7, 2005 9:04      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Matt Zyzik      as of Vim:   5.7

highlight WhiteSpaceEOL ctermbg=darkgreen guibg=lightgreen
match WhiteSpaceEOL /^\s*\ \s*\|\s\+$/
autocmd WinEnter * match WhiteSpaceEOL /^\s*\ \s*\|\s\+$/

Put the above lines in your .vimrc, and you can enjoy highlighting of trailing whitespace and also highlighting of any leading whitespace consisting of spaces.
Basically, no highlighting will occur if your leading whitespace is *only* tabs and there is no trailing whitespace.

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, November 7, 2005 9:06
this is especially great for programming python
dsm26@stanford.edu, November 7, 2005 10:43
I modified your commands slightly so that I can turn the highlighting on and off.  <Leader>wn turns the highlight on.  <Leader>wf turns the highlighting off.  I'm also only interested in end-of-line whitespace so I modified your regex.

map <unique> <Leader>wn <ESC>:highlight WhiteSpaceEol ctermbg=darkgreen guibg=lightgreen<CR><ESC>:match WhiteSpaceEol /\s\+$/<CR>

map <unique> <Leader>wf <ESC>:highlight WhiteSpaceEol NONE<CR>

Thanks for the tip!
sbutts@computer.org, November 7, 2005 11:31
It's a bit different, but you might also look into list and listchars.
Dubhead, November 7, 2005 18:26
also see
Tip #811: Highlight whitespace errors in files
matt zyzik, November 27, 2006 14:07
I made some progress with this... i now use these:
nnoremap \ws1 :match WhiteSpaceEOL /\(^\s*\)\@<=\ \\|\s\+$/<cr>
nnoremap \ws2 :match WhiteSpaceEOL /^\ \+\\|\s\+$\\|\ \+\ze\t\\|\t\zs\ \+/<cr>

They now only highlight the spaces (errors). The second has a faster execution time.
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