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basic Tip #1306: Characterwise paste with auto join

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created:   August 14, 2006 5:15      complexity:   basic
author:   sply      as of Vim:   6.0

When you've yanked a text linewise, you can paste it in the middle of another line characterwise and joint. For example: yank 3 lines with 3Y, move cursor into some other line, do \P.

function! PasteJointCharacterwise(regname, pastecmd)
   let reg_type = getregtype(a:regname)
   call setreg(a:regname, '', "ac")
   exe 'normal "'.a:regname . a:pastecmd
   call setreg(a:regname, '', "a".reg_type)
   exe 'normal `[v`]J'

nmap <leader>p :call PasteJointCharacterwise(v:register, "p")<CR>
nmap <leader>P :call PasteJointCharacterwise(v:register, "P")<CR>

Based on: vimtip #1199

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