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basic Tip #163: Toggle Search Highlighting

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created:   November 11, 2001 13:11      complexity:   basic
author:   Bindu Wavell      as of Vim:   6.0

" Map H to toggle search highlighting
map H :let &hlsearch = !&hlsearch<CR>

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Additional Notes

hermitte@free.fr, November 12, 2001 7:07
You can also do something like :
noremap XX :set hlsearch!<cr>:set hlsearch?<cr>

And take a look at http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=48 for more complex toggle actions.
coryechols@yahoo.com, November 14, 2001 4:52
I think the simplest way to do this is :noremap XX :set invhlsearch<CR>

For options which have only "on" or "off" settings, giving the 'inv' prefix to the option causes it to be toggled.
hermitte@free.fr, November 15, 2001 5:07
The "inv" prefix only works with versions 6.x of VIM. It seems to do strictly the same
thing '!' does. But it does not echoes the value of the option.

Hence, 'set option?<cr>' is still useful if you want to know its new current state.
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