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intermediate Tip #252: python script to align statements

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created:   May 24, 2002 23:55      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Demian L. Neidetcher      as of Vim:   5.7

i know there's some awk scripts out there that do the same thing, and if i were a real trooper i would have
written this in vims internal language but...

i wrote a python script to align statements.

i put this in my .vimrc:
map L :!lineUp.py<cr>   " of course lineUp.py is somewhere in my path

and i have this python file somewhere in my path:

so now i can just pipe the offending lines thru my code:
:5, 10 !lineUp.py
or using the mapping above, visually select the lines and press 'L'

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Additional Notes

jmcpherson@softhome.net, May 28, 2002 12:56
This is a neat idea (and I do like Python), but why not use vimscript #176? It has more features and is native vim so you don't have the overhead of the Python interpreter.
demian 0311 at yah00 d0t c0m, June 2, 2002 13:46
i had trouble getting the other line-up thing to work, probably some issue between my chair and my keyboard.  i didn't feel like hunting down the problem so i just wrote it in python.

in an effort to prove to everyone how lazy i am, i wrote a couple other helpful code-wrangling python scripts that tie in nicely with vim, i have them pretty well documented at: http://www.ophinity.com/code/wrangling/index.html ...the additional scripts provide for a simple templating mechanism for multiplying code (hey i coined a phrase) as well as some scripts to go back and forth between DB_SCHEMA_NAMING_CONVENTIONS and JavaNamingConventions.

anyone think i should post those as a tip?  script?
ekw@backgam.com, July 22, 2003 15:57
the www.ophinity.com URLs don't work.
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