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basic Tip #276: Function signature previewer

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created:   July 6, 2002 18:23      complexity:   basic
author:   Georgi Slavchev goyko@gbg.bg      as of Vim:   6.0

Have you ever tried to call a function which parameters you have forgotten?
Especially those long named and with long parameter list GTK+ functions
like gtk_menu_item_image_from_stock_new(..........) !!!
By accident I saw a function in Vim help. It's name was PreviewWord and it allowed
one to jump in the preview window to the tag for the word cursor is on.
I _slightly_ modified this function not to need tags file, but to search included files instead.
I wrote another function, which uses the above said one, which triggers PreviewWord
when you open the parenthesis after a function name.
Here it is:
" Note:
" This is literally stolen from Vim help. The only changes are:
" (1) if w != ""               becomes       if w =~ "\k"
" (2) exe "silent! ptag " . w  becomes       exe "silent! psearch " . w
" * The first change prevents PreviewWord of searching while cursor is on some
"   non-keyword characters, e.g. braces, asterisks, etc.
function! PreviewWord()
if &previewwindow " don't do this in the preview window
let w = expand("<cword>") " get the word under cursor
if w =~ "\k" " if there is one ":ptag" to it

" Delete any existing highlight before showing another tag
silent! wincmd P " jump to preview window
if &previewwindow " if we really get there...
match none " delete existing highlight
wincmd p " back to old window

" Try displaying a matching tag for the word under the cursor
let v:errmsg = ""
exe "silent! psearch " . w
if v:errmsg =~ "tag not found"

silent! wincmd P " jump to preview window
if &previewwindow " if we really get there...
if has("folding")
silent! .foldopen " don't want a closed fold
call search("$", "b") " to end of previous line
let w = substitute(w, '\', '\\\', "")
call search('\<\V' . w . '\>') " position cursor on match
" Add a match highlight to the word at this position
hi previewWord term=bold ctermbg=green guibg=green
exe 'match previewWord "\%' . line(".") . 'l\%' . col(".") . 'c\k*"'
wincmd p " back to old window
au! CursorHold *.[ch] nested call PreviewWord()

" Note:
" When you open a parenthesis after a function name, and at the
" line end, that function's definition is previewed through PreviewWord().
" This is inspired from Delphi's CodeInsight technology.
" Something similar (PreviewClassMembers) could be written for
" the C++ users, for previewing the class members when you type
" a dot after an object name.
" If somebody decides to write it, please, mail it to me.
function! PreviewFunctionSignature()
let CharOnCursor = strpart( getline('.'), col('.')-2, 1)
if col(".") == col("$")
call PreviewWord()
return "("
inoremap <buffer> ( <C-R>=PreviewFunctionSignature()<LF>

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Additional Notes

realblades@yahoo.com, August 16, 2002 3:39
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