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basic Tip #296: Attach the currently open file to email

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created:   August 2, 2002 14:52      complexity:   basic
author:   hari_vim at yahoo      as of Vim:   5.7

This is very simple, but most people don't seem to take advantage of this. Often you have some file (source code or other text file) already open in an existing vim session and you need to attach it with an email. It is very simple.
    - First copy the filename into clipboard. For this I put the following mapping in vimrc and press <F2>:
         nnoremap <F2> :let @*=expand("%:p")<cr>
    - Go to your email compose window and use your regular file attachment menu (Insert->File in outlook) and press ^V (or whatever key to paste clipboard) and press Enter.

That is all there to it. If you are on windows and your email client doesn't accept forward-slashes, then you might want to change the map to:

         nnoremap <F2> :let @*=substitute(expand("%:p"), "/", "\\", "g")<cr>


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Additional Notes

Anonymous, August 3, 2002 20:26
Very nice tip. Thanks
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