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basic Tip #310: showing ascii value of the current character in decimal, hex, and octal

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created:   August 13, 2002 12:10      complexity:   basic
author:   calvin wong      as of Vim:   6.0

dont know if you guys know this or not, but i was trying to make the word "hello" to upper case by trying "gaUw" (=
which didnt work but it showed the decimal, hex, and octal of the char under the cursor... ncie to know.

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Additional Notes

calvin wong, August 13, 2002 12:11
DOH.... i forgot.
its "ga" or ":as" or ":ascii"
Anonymous, August 18, 2002 10:03
vimtip #67
oxcrete@yahoo.com, August 26, 2002 10:53
Don't kow if you already knew this but, the "~" "tilde" character changes the case of the caharacter under the cursor and "[count]~" changes the case of "count" number of characters as in "5~" changes the case of 5 characters. the count is a VIm feature but ~ is an old vi feature.
keramida@ceid.upatras.gr, October 6, 2002 20:25
Actually, the [count]~ feature is also there in quite old vi
implementations too.  Even Solaris has it in old versions...
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