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basic Tip #455: Map a function key to toggle line wrapping

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created:   April 15, 2003 15:26      complexity:   basic
author:   Thomas R. Kimpton      as of Vim:   5.7

Most of the time I want to have line wrapping on. But, there are some times that I want to toggle it off, to check structures or something... here's a function key for toggling line wrapping:

:set wrap
:let g:toggleWrap = 0
map <silent> <F6> :if g:toggleWrap == 1<CR>:set wrap<CR>:let g:toggleWrap = 0<CR>:else<CR>:set nowrap<CR>:let g:toggleWrap = 1<CR>:endif<CR>


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Additional Notes

maxiangjiang@hotmail.com, April 15, 2003 16:49

nn <F6> :setl wrap!<Bar>echon "wrap="&wrap<CR>
mike@mester.demon.co.uk, April 16, 2003 4:14
" Map F6 to toggle wrap on and off
imap <silent> <F6> <Esc>:set wrap!<CR>a
nmap <silent> <F6> :set wrap!<CR>
yeti@physics.muni.cz, April 20, 2003 12:29
Please don't use <esc> ... <a> for insert mode mappings. If you are at the begin of line, it moves the cursor (right). Use Ctrl-O instead:

imap <f6> <c-o>:set wrap!<cr>

and even better:

imap <f6> <c-o><f6>

once <f6> in nmaped as before.
Tobi, May 2, 2003 6:52
What about:
map <F6> :set wrap!<CR>
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