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intermediate Tip #501: View character class

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created:   July 2, 2003 18:05      complexity:   intermediate
author:   beo      as of Vim:   6.0

This one shows the definition of a predefined character class. ([:alpha:], [:graph:] etc.) The cursor is assumed to point to the name of the character class one wants to examine. Press "cc" ...

fun! s:Show()
  norm! viwy
  echo 'class [:' . @" . ':]' . "\n"
  let pat = '[[:' . @" . ':]]'
  let i = 0
  while i < 256
    let ch = nr2char(i)
    if ch =~ pat | echon ch . '(' . i . ')' . "\t" | endif
    let i = i + 1

nn cc :call <SID>Show()<Cr>

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