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basic Tip #661: LaTeX: Addition to latex-suite: folds the preamble

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created:   February 24, 2004 13:36      complexity:   basic
author:   Christian      as of Vim:   5.7

In /ftplugin/latex-suite/folding.vim I added the lines you see below, so that the latex-suite folding \rf also folds the preamble (the part between \documentclass and \begin{document}.

" {{{ Preamble
call AddSyntaxFoldItem (
\ '^\s*\\documentclass',
\ '^\s*\\begin{document}',
\ 0,
\ 0
\ )
" }}}

happy LaTeXing


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Additional Notes

hermitte {at} free {dot} fr, February 25, 2004 13:18
If you have a patch or an enhancement for a script (plugin, ftplugin, ...) contact its mantainers.
Regarding vim-latex, there is a mailing-list check on http://vim-latex.sourceforge.net/
christian, February 26, 2004 14:46
thank you - i am a rookie, so i didn´t know
anonymous, May 9, 2004 2:01
Is it possible to fold

using \rf key also.
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