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basic Tip #820: VimTip is a one-stop resource to vim. Keep it in your $VIM directory

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created:   November 11, 2004 6:50      complexity:   basic
author:   Staale Flock      as of Vim:   6.0

The VimTip textfile and database has become one of my favorite ways to learn
new tricks in vim. So I keep it easy available at all times and have applied
some of the nice tricks I have learned to the file to make it easier to read.

1: Get the text file (wget is a external tool, you can get a windows version)
    Download the text version with a browser or use wget like this.
    On the vim commandline: (It's all on one line)
:!wget http://www.vim.org/tips/tip_download.php?download=download -O

2: Open it and apply foldmarks.
:e ~/.vim/vimtips.txt
:set foldmethod=marker

3: Now you should have a nice index of all the vimtip's provided. Open a fold
by placing the cursor on a line and hit za. Open all folds with zR. Close them
again with zM

4: After some vimtip's reading you shoul be able to make a automatic process of it to update your vimtips.txt file regularly.

Happy vim'ing
Best Regards
Staale Flock

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, November 11, 2004 23:09
Nice tip for beginners, thanks.

After the substitution, add the set command to the file e.g. in 2nd line:
and save it e.g. in $HOME/vimfiles/after/doc/vimtips\[1\].txt

In _gvimrc  (.gvimrc on Unix) I added the tips to the helpmenu:
" additions to help menu
an 9999.90 &Help.-sep3- <Nop>
an 9999.91 &Help.&VimTips :e $HOME/vimfiles/after/doc/vimtips\[1\].txt <CR><CR>

seanm@despammed.com, November 24, 2004 10:21
You can also use grep instead of folding.

:grep ^VimTip %
syd@plug.ca, July 22, 2005 8:27
Also, it would be good to mention that you also close an individual fold using za
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