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basic Tip #871: Changing word

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created:   February 9, 2005 10:07      complexity:   basic
author:   Anonymous      as of Vim:   6.0

We know that * or # is used for searching the entire word no matter where the cursor is positioned within the word.
Similar idea if applied for changing a word would be helpful:

map <C-q> bcw

This is the simplest of cases that will allow you change the entire word regardless of the position of the cursor by hitting Control + q.

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Additional Notes

Ivan Tishchenko, February 9, 2005 10:18
As for me, this is not a big advantage.  Pressing "bcw" is even faster than <c-q>.  (And <c-q>, which is one of a few unmapped CTRL-char combinations, may be used for something more complex :)

"viw" also may help in such a cases (i.e. cases where it's necessary to do something with word under cursor).
Anonymous, February 9, 2005 13:47
I use ciw, change inner word
Anonymous, February 9, 2005 22:46
This has little disadvantage, if cursor stand on begin of word and you press <C-q>, word before actual one is deleted. Sorry my terrible english.
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