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basic Tip #935: Highlight space errors

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created:   May 26, 2005 7:52      complexity:   basic
author:   S. Walderich      as of Vim:   6.0

To highlight spaces at the end of a line and spaces in front of tabs you can simply add the following command to your vimrc:
let <language>_space_errors=1
supported languages are:
ada, c, chill, csc, icon, java, lpc, mel, nqc, nroff, ora, plm, plsql and python. So if you want to highlight space errors in lpc-files you have to write:
let lpc_space_errors=1

If you don't want to see the errors at the end of the line set:
let <language>_no_trail_space_error=1
and if you only use spaces to indent and don't want to see the space errors in front of tabs set:
let <language>_no_tab_space_error=1

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, May 26, 2005 18:02
Also see tip #396.
Bertram Scharpf, May 27, 2005 0:23
My tip 878 didn't actually rate high, but at least its answers could be seen as a nice summary of the possible opportunities.

I like very much the `listchars' trick with `tab' and `trail'.
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