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basic Tip #98: Getting vim help from mailing lists and newsgroups.

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created:   August 9, 2001 4:41      complexity:   basic
author:   Cory T. Echols      as of Vim:   5.7

There have been a few "requests for tips" entered into the tips database lately.  If you have specific questions that aren't answered by the existing tips, there are a couple of resources that may be more appropriate:

The mailing list vim@vim.org is for vim users.  If you send an email to vim-help@vim.org, you'll get a message back telling you how to subscribe, as well as how to request old messages and contact the list maintainer.  This mailing list is also archived at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vim.

The newsgroup comp.editors discusses many different editors, but most of the traffic is about vim.  When posting, it is appreciated if you include "vim" in the subject line.  The comp.editors newsgroup is archived at http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&safe=off&group=comp.editors.

Using the tips database for asking questions is not likely to work well.  For example, if you ask a question titled "Searching for strings in a file" and I read this site and see that tip, I'm not going to read it if I already know how to search for strings in a file.  In comp.editors and vim@vim.org, people expect to find questions from others and are therefore more likely to see your questions.

After finding the answer to your question, please consider whether it would make an appropriate tip, and if so, add it to the tips database.

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, August 10, 2001 9:51
I disagree with this.  I see requests for tips become very handy tips once the requests are answered.

If this is not desired, then it's a good idea to create "requests for tips" location in addition to "tips".  Then people can post requests, and the answers can go into "Tips" place.
Cory T. Echols, August 10, 2001 10:44
I did not mean for this tip to be a policy statement (I can't make policy for this site), or a troll, or an admonishment of anyone for anything.

The fact that questions were being posted in the tips database implied to me that there were people who weren't aware of the newsgroup or mailing list, so I entered a tip to help them out.  That's all it meant.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Anonymous, August 19, 2001 14:01
Further, as Cory pointed out, a request for a tip could very well be misconstrued as a tip on a subject and therefore be ignored by people who can help. One stands a better chance of having questions answered when they are put up using the avenues suggested by Cory.
iain-vim@dellah.anu.edu.au, May 20, 2002 14:19
See also http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vimtips/ - a regular mailing of the tips from this database,
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