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  Professor Yan Xuetong is serving as the Director of The Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University and the chief editor of The Chinese Journal of International Politics . He is also a member of China-Japan Friendship Committee of the 21 Century, a member of China Committee of the Council of Security Cooperation of Asia-Pacific (CSCAP), a board member of the following organizations, China Association of Peaceful Unification, China UN Association , China Diplomacy Association, China Arms Control Association, China Association of International Relations Studies, China-US Friendship Association, China Foundation of International Studies and Academic Exchange, China Asia-Pacific Association, senior research fellow of National Security Committee , an academic advisor to The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, Journal of Chinese Political Science, World Economics and Politics, Contemporary World, Chinese Journal of European Studies , Southeast Asia Studies.

  He is the author of Practical Methods of International Studies --Second Edition (2007) , International Politics and China (2005), American Hegemony and China's Security (2000) , Analysis of China's National Interests (1996) , and the editor of The Rise of China and Its Strategy (2005), Peace and Security in East Asia (2005), Calculation of International Circumstances and Taiwan Issue (2005), Security Cooperation in East Asia (2004) , China & Asia-Pacific Security (1999) , International Environment for China's Rise (1998), and the translator of Contending Theories of International Relations Fifth Edition (2003). He has published more than a hundred of papers and articles on international Relations. Analysis of China's National Interests won 1998 China Book Price and Practical Methods of International Studies was authorized as text book by Chinese Education Ministry in 2006.

  Dr. Yan received his Ph.D of political science from University of California , Berkeley in 1992, M.A. of international relations from the Institute of International Relations in 1986 and B.A. of English from Heilongjiang University in 1982.

  He served as research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary International Relations during 1982-1984 and 1992-2000.

  Birth place: Tianjin , China , Birth date: December 7, 1952

  Address: Room 244 , Xinzhai, Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084.
  Tel: 62788801, Fax: 62773173, Email:


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