JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The final slap of referee Mike Chioda’s hand on the concrete floor was music to John Cena’s ears, as the WWE Champion laid across the prone body of The Great Khali.

It was the music to drown out the doubters that griped about Cena’s contested victory at Judgment Day – one tainted by Khali’s stray foot outside the ring ropes. It drowned out the doubters in the locker room that murmured after Khali dominated him on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

This time at One Night Stand, there were no questions left unanswered. The Champ had beaten the never-pinned monster.

In a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match, Cena methodically hacked down the giant with whatever he could find. Cena FU’d the beast from on top of a construction crane down to the arena floor, then covered him for the three-count to earn the undisputed victory.

The victory didn’t seem likely from the start of the night as Khali, through his interpreter, told the fans that he was ready to destroy The Champ.

“[Cena, I] can pin you in the ring, in the concession stand, or in the parking lot … I will break you,” Khali promised.

As the match started, Cena tried to strike quickly, keeping out of the reach of Khali, striking at his tree-trunk-like legs with stiff kicks. 

But Cena wasn’t fast enough. As promised, Khali caught The Champ, unleashing several strong chops to his head, tossing him around like a sack of potatoes. 

Khali later took the fight outside the ring, throwing Cena headfirst into Jim Ross’ monitor at the Raw announce table. Then the fight spilled into the crowd, where Cena found his saving grace.

First, Cena used a technician’s TV monitor to stun Khali, then a camera boom crane. Though, neither was enough to allow for Cena’s FU slam. But as the fight found its way on top of a construction crane near the entranceway, Cena raked the beast’s eyes and lifted him up on his shoulders for the FU. The crowd roared as Cena then slammed Khali down 12 feet to the concrete floor. 

An exhausted Cena practically fell off the crane, and quickly hooked Khali’s leg for the three-count. He had retained the WWE Championship.

After celebrating with the fans, Cena told WWE.com that pinning the giant was a personal benchmark for him.

“I wanted the extra pressure tonight, telling myself that I could [pin Khali], even though everyone else was telling me I couldn’t,” The Champ said. “Sometimes you got to just look inside. For me, it was gut check time.”

Cena smiled when asked if this put an end to his rivalry with the Indian colossus.

“I probably haven’t seen the last of The Great Khali, but now he knows I’m coming for him,” Cena said. “And I’m not going to back down anymore."

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