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The ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ beauty teams up with Ali Larter to kick zombie butt by day and suck down margaritas at night

By Chris Ward

Posted April 14, 2007  10:30 PM

WIZARD: You have a fashion line called “Jovovich-Hawk.” Are there any gun belts or holsters in your fashion line?

JOVOVICH: Well, actually, Carmen [Hawk] did some really amazing designs for the Resident Evil outfit. So, when you see the outfit in “Resident Evil,” that’s actually a Jovovich-Hawk piece. We actually did those shorts that you see for last spring. They’re the “Alice Star” pants, is what we call them. [Laughs] They’re dark blue jeans with this star on the butt.

I think clothes covered in zombie guts will be the hot new haute couture line at Fashion Week, don’t you?

[Laughs] Well, people love them. The thing is that our clothes are definitely very character driven so they’re not for the weak at heart.

What’s the plot of September’s “Resident Evil: Extinction”?

This one takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in the sense that the disease has escaped and pretty much 98 percent of the world is infected. So there are groups of survivalists who stick together. Unfortunately, if they stay in one place the zombies would catch them. So they have to keep moving. So it’s a very “Mad Max” vibe with all the crazy, tricked-out trucks and stuff. Very cool vehicles.

What’s the Umbrella Corporation up to?

They’re going strong underground and they’re looking for [Alice], because they’re trying to develop a serum based on her blood. Because they don’t have her, they’ve tried to create clones of her, but none of the clones are exactly the same. So it’s not working. She finds out they’ve been cloning her, gets really pissed off and tries to bring ’em down! [Laughs] In the end, Alice joins her friends because she finds a notebook that shows a place up north where there are no infections. So she wants to steal a helicopter and get her friends up north.

It must be Canada, right? Their health care is amazing so they could handle a zombie apocalypse…

[Laughs] Um, no. It’s, like, more toward Alaska.

Zombies hate the cold! Anyway, you said this film is better than part 2, which you said you were somewhat disappointed in. How is “Extinction” better?
I feel like the characters are stronger, the action scenes are much cooler and the storyline is really fun and exciting. It’s not your typical action film. I felt like maybe the last one was a bit more “explosion, explosion, explosion.” Not very much character development. And here, you really have some great relationships form. I mean, look, people go to see these movies for the action, but as an actor you want to feel involved and like you really care about these people. And I feel like Paul [W. S. Anderson] did an amazing job writing the script. I think he was much more inspired, he didn’t have “Alien vs. Predator” that he was writing at the same time. And I think bringing back the “Mad Max” genre is really cool. That’s something we haven’t seen in a long time.

We worked so hard on this movie, and I have to say I really enjoyed watching the rough cut. Even without the visual effects, it was still great. I hope everyone has an amazing time watching this, because it kicked our butts filming it and our director [Russell Mulcahy] ended up passing out from dehydration and was sent to the hospital. The shoot was pretty incredible that we all survived in one piece. You’ll definitely see us going through hell, so I hope people enjoy it!

Ali Larter from “Heroes” co-stars with you. Was working with her fun?

Yeah! Are you kidding me? Ali is so wonderful and such a strong actress. She brought so much to the table. She looks like an angel in this movie. Unbelievable. And she’s so tough! We had a brilliant time together and she’s a fun girl. We were staying at these crappy Mexicali motels and so it was very important to have people you could get along with on the shoot and after the shoot. Because it was literally, like, 145 degrees outside of the shade.

Ali told me you would both kick back with margaritas after the shoot, but do you know how to make a Zombie? It’s quite refreshing…

A Zombie drink? I’m not a great drinker. I’m very not Russian in that sense. So I have to chill with drinking too much because it’s not attractive. But it was great because we’d be so sun-stroked by the end of the day, one margarita would just take you over the edge. [Laughs] You’re like, “Woo hoo!”

Who wears more makeup: movie models or movie zombies?

Oh my goodness…Well, I guess it would have to be kind of an even tie. [Laughs] Because definitely with certain people and certain photographers, I think the models would have to win. But it’s a pretty even field, because sometimes on a modeling job you spend two hours in makeup just like the zombies. [Laughs] But the models look better!

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