"HO" and "N" Scale Con-Cor
1934 Pioneer Zephyr

As of May 2007 we have a small quanity of both the "HO" and "N" Zephyr sets available. If you plan to start collecting our entire series of "famous" trains we suggest you buy your Original Pioneer Zephyr before they are sold out.

This model of the "Original Pioneer Zephyr" has proved so popular that it encouraged us to make models of more of the "famous" name trains that impacted the history of railroading in the USA. You can see the next two sets planned at the web pages shown below.
GM's AeroTrain of 1955
Union Pacific's M-10000 of 1934

The photo of the fantastic Box cover for the Zephyr is shown below, where we have used (with permission) the famous Zephyr Painting by Mike Danneman.

This model will be of the original Pioneer Zephyr 3 car train.

If you wish to add a 4th car to your train, more information can be found at:
4th Add on Zephyr Cars

Here are some photos of the final production set.

The Pioneer Zephyr is a name that has become synonymous with the word "Streamliner: and needs no introduction. Almost all railfans the world over instantly recognize the name. While the Union Pacific was running their M-10000 "Streamliner" some months before the Zephyr was put into service in May of 1934, the Zephyr stole the public relations show and is better-known and more widely remembered than the UP's M-10000.

The Zephyr's distinctive nose began making the newspapers and newsreels. As a symbol, the train had a distinctiveness, a sleekness, an "image" if you will, that made it easy for the pulbic to identity. When it made ists record breaking 1015 mile run on May 26th from Denver to Chicago,it gained even more PR. It traversed the 1015 miles non-stop in 13 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds to arrive at the Opening of the Century of Progress Exposition.

It was one of the biggest attractions at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago during the summer of 1934. Before it went into regular service in the Fall of 1934, it was taken on tour. During 1934 it traveled to over 220 different American cities and was toured by over 2 million People.

So even if you are not a Burlington Route Fan, it is quite possible that the Zephyr visited your city and you could run it on your layout as a white flagged special just like the real train did during its travels in 1934 over many different railroads in the East, Midwest and Western USA.

The Pioneer Zephyr also stared in its own Movie, "Silver Streak" and was seen by millions more people all over the world.

Con-Cor makes a Limited Run collectors set of the Zephyr lettered for the "Silver Streak" and more information can be found at:
Silver Streak Collector's Set

Design Features of the 1934 Pioneer Zephyr

Following are the design features of this model, the list may be amended as we go along so we wind up with the best possible model.

  • 5 pole motor w/ Flywheel drive

  • Cab Interior

  • Special designed diaphram to connect the 3 cars together for prototypical appearance.

  • Lighted Interior in cars #2 and #3 (The motor/drive is in the the lead car which was also the freight and Mail compartment on the original train)

  • Directional Lighting

  • PC board "DCC" ready,swt up with 10 pin ready for sound installation if you choose.

    --Modeler can add DCC decoder /and or Sound Unit of his own choosing if he so desires.

  • Flush fit windows

  • Set up for 18 inch radius operation

"HO" Con-Cor
Stock Number
1-008720 Undecorated (painted silver, no lettering) $398.98
1-008721 Pioneer Zephyr Lettering $398.98
"N" Con-Cor
Stock Number
1-008730 Undecorated (painted silver, no lettering) $398.98
1-008731 Pioneer Zephyr Lettering $398.98


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