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DI Final: Bainbridge Wins the Island Battle!

Mahoney vs. Dayton Gilbreath 

NOTE: This game recap was written and posted at the end of each quarter so page to the bottom of the writeup for Q1 and read up the page to Q4



Fourth Quarter

Early action in the fourth quarter shows Adam Bowen clearing the length of the field and taking a shot on Mercer’s cage.  Bainbridge has had thier 10-man ride working all game, though the second half has been easier for MI to work through it.  This time t he endeavor doesn’t benefit the Islanders. 

Dylan Masi comes charging up field and breaks his stride to rip a low right-handed shot on the far post.  This puts the Spartans back on top 7-6 as they develop some momentum. 

Masi is playing lights out lacrosse right now.  He catches a rebound on a shot behind the cage and hits Max Olsen on the crease for their 8th goal of the night, extending their lead to two.  Masi has not only ridden hard, created on offense, but fed as well.  Keeping the ball in play here, prevented MI from resetting, and Olson adds another to his tally with 4:54 to play in the game finishing a man-up opportunity unsettled.

MI has precious few minutes left as they get another possession.  Dawson will take it behind as they bring their attackmen to the crease to allow their middies to dodge from behind on short sticks. Taylor Dawson comes charging up from behind GLE and sticks the lefty bouncer with 4:28 left on the clock.  Mercer trails by one 8-7.  Mercer holds off multiple man-downs as Bowen makes save after save.  Unable to effectively clear, MI sends the ball all the way down the field to let their attack fight for it.  Bainbridge has held Ellis to only two shots and no goals this game, they will need the hight and stick of Ellis to rally back.

Bainbridge's long sticks have foiled the MI attack all night.  Dayton Gilbreath snaps one up as he legs it down to the offensive half, passing the ball, but remaining on offense.  Dayton Gilbreath catches a feed from behind the cage and dodges one defenseman to fire away the Spartan’s 9th goal with his long pole with under two minutes to play.   Both he and brother Bryan have goals bookending what may be the Bainbridge State Championship win.

Mercer will have two final attempts to drive the cage, but a frustrated offense can't convert and turns it over to Bainbridge as the clock expires.  After three consecutive successful title defenses, the Islanders are finally dethroned 9-7.  Congratulations Bainbridge!  Dylan Masi is the Comcast Player of the Game, and juggernaut leading the team to victory.  Masi said, "we were a little worried the first half.  Mercer has been a good team all year.  We came out the second half more confident."  For the role he played, Masi was asked about what he focused on as a team leader, "My game plan was put as many points on the board as I could, and contribute any way I could."  Coach Visco was thrilled for his players with the win, wanting them to have the limelight instead of himself.  "They played a great game, a game they should be proud of." was what he offered.  An amazing statistic for the potent Mercer offense.  Bainbridge allowed only 13 shots the entire game outside of the goals scored!  Masi led a diverse scoring effort by Bainbridge, Mahoney and Dawson represented most of the scoring for Mercer Island.  Mahoney with two badly sprained ankles still managed four goals, keeping Mercer in the game.  Coach O'Hearn was stoic after the loss, " I am proud of how hard my guys played.  We played a great game, and they fought hard.  You can't ask for more than that.  Bainbridge played a gret game, and they deserved to win."

TOTAL Ground Balls: BI—38 MI—32

Shots BI-33 MI -13

Saves: BI—5 Mercer Island—10  

Third Quarter

Max Olson scores just as the quarter begins with a bounce shot from up top. Bainbridge gets their lead back at 5-4.

At the 7:40 mark, Bainbridge goes man-up with a chance to increase their lead.  A good save from Bowen gives the Islanders the ball back with a chance to kill the penalty.

Bainbridge recovers and gets the ball to Dylan Masi who annihilates the half the Islander defense en route to Bainbridge’s sixth goal.  They extend their lead to two, 6-4. 

With under a minute in the third quarter Michael Choe runs up from ‘X’ and somehow finds net on a low angle righty shot.  Not more than fifteen seconds later Greg Mahony chimes in with his 4th goal of the day.  The goal ties things up going up into fourth quarter at sixes.

 The Bainbridge coaching staff must be happy that the quarter is over.

Ground Balls:  BI—17 MI—10

Saves: BI—6 MI—3

Second Quarter

Jordan Foster records the first action of the second quarter as he pulls his fake pass again.  He pulls the fake to ‘X’, then pulls back and rips a low stinger.  Bainbridge now leads 3-2. 

With 7:41 remaining Bainbridge take a time-out to get the offense organized.  Unfortunately for the Spartans, it doesn’t pay off as Mercer Island clears, and Greg Mahony dodges his man and the slide to net Mercer’s third goal of the day.  Score is 3-3.

With 3:47 remaining, Mercer Island takes a timeout to call a play for the offense.  However, just like with Bainbridge the ball goes the other way.  Casey Weisner runs the fast break, hits Sam Snow who unselfishly moves it one more time to Casey Skelton who has plenty of real-estate to place the ball.  The score now is 4-3 Bainbridge.
**Casey, you got the point in my book.

Adam Bowen makes a huge save with under a minute remaining in the half, and moves it down the field.  With just twenty-one seconds remaining Greg Mahony scores again for the Islanders who ties the game at four.

Groundballs: BI—14 MI—5

Saves:  BI—2 MI—5

 First Quarter

Ten seconds into the game Bryan Gilbreath makes his presence known as he grabs the face-off, and burns the Mercer Island defense for Bainbridge’s first goal of the day.

Twenty second later Greg Mahony answers back and the Islanders have tied the Spartans with a goal a piece.

Bainbridge is peppering the cage early with shots from Foster and Knight early.  With 5:26 remaining in the first quarter Coach O’Hearn calls a time-out to give his defense a rest.

Adam Bowen makes a nice kick save to keep the score at one with three and a half minutes left in the first.

Taylor Dawson cuts up from ‘X’ and fires a fade-away bounce shot that hugs the cross bar, and registers the Islanders’ first lead of the night.

Bainbridge unhappy about being down gives the ball to Max Olson, and he fires one away from ten yards out to tie the game at two.

At the end of the first quarter the score is two to two.

Groundballs: Bainbridge Island (BI)—7 Mercer Island (MI)—4

Saves: BI—2 MI—3

Pictures: We'll be working on pictures through the day today (Sunday) so check tonight for loaded images.

Great game both teams

Tightest game I've seen all year. No mistakes, no sloppy play, great defense, great plays, great shots. Clearly the two best teams in the state. Mercer showed significant improvement over their 15-10 showing earlier in the season, particularly on defense. Of course, Mahoney is the best individual player in the state but if you bottle him up, the game is over. BI had the advantage of a better balanced team and, for example, that showed up in the ground balls count. Great game.

outstanding play

Both of those teams had amazing clearing, ground balls, and overall stick handling. It was like watching a good college game. Both goalies did well making some clutch saves. Hats off to Bainbridge they made less mistakes and Massi was on his game.