OVW Six Flags Super Summer Sizzler Series #3 Results
Steve Gerweck - Friday, June 15 2007 - 11:49 PM
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from Ron Holmes:

Steve Lewington beat Johnny Punch

Jacob Duncan def. Easy Money/Scott Cardinal

Seth Skyfire/Johnny Jeter over Los Locos, Daltons, Jake Hager/Nick Nemeth

Cassiday James beat Chris Cage

Katie Lea beat Josie, Sha Nay Nay, Jennifer, Jill, Victoria, Melody, Maryse, Rocha, Beth Phoenix, Serena and ODB in a Musical Chairs Contest

Jennifer, Jill, Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Victoria, Serena def.
Katie Lea, Roni Jonah, Rocha, Sha Nay Nay, Melody, Josie

ECW's Major Bros. beat Ox/Hammer to win the OVW Tag Team Championship

Sean Spears over Mike Mondo to retain the OVW TV Championship

Fearless Jack Bull def. Nickolas Sinn

Jay Bradley beat Idol Stevens to keep the OVW Heavyweight Championship

MVP over Chet the Jet

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