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This a Photographic Web Site reflecting the changing scenes in and around the Port of Liverpool.

All Photographs are copyright Philip B. Parker.

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"Another Place" 100 cast-iron, life-size figures each weighing 650 kilos spread out along three kilometres of the Crosby foreshore, stretching out almost one kilometre out to sea, the work by Antony Gormley will remain until 2007.

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PHOTOGRAPHY By Philip Parker @ Fotopic.Net


Published September 2004



  96 pages, 24 x 22 cm 140+ photographs, mostly in colour

Tempus Publishing, ISBN 0-7524-3086-6

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 Liverpool  Pilot  Launch "DUNLIN"

ACL HISTORY  A short history of the Company with pictures of the early vessels .
ACL RESCUE  September 2000 and a second rescue in September 2002.
THE THIRD GENERATION VESSELS   Including pictures of the ACL Liverpool Waltz. 
PICTURE GALLERY 1   Some older images from inside and outside the Dock Road.
PICTURE GALLERY 2   Pictures of the Liverpool Shipping Scene between 1980-1995
PICTURE GALLERY 3   The Irish Ferry scene during the 1980's.
PICTURE GALLERY 4   Tugs of the Mersey from 1965 -2004.
PICTURE GALLERY 5   Photographs from the Philip Parker Collection.
MODERN PORT PICTURES  Digital Images from 2002/2003/2004. 
THE PORT OF LIVERPOOL A look at vessel operations 1999-2002 In Royal Seaforth Dock.
POSTCARDS   Limited Edition Maritime  Postcards for collectors and enthusiasts.
SHORT SEA SHIPPING   A look at the smaller vessels working in the Port.
A LOOK AT THE PORT FROM THE AIR Aerial pictures from the River. 
THE PORT IN THE SIXTIES Liverpool's docklands in the 1960's
LIVERPOOL IMAGES  A look around the City of Liverpool  
ROYAL SEAFORTH DOCK 1972-2005 looking at the Vessels using Seaforth.
MARITIME LINKS Links to other Maritime web sites
THE PORT IN THE SIXTIES (Part 2) Including the last of Liverpool's Passenger Liners. 
COASTERS ON THE MERSEY Including The Ramsey Steamship Co.
FINAL GALLERY A look at the Eurosal and Carol Vessels  




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