MERSEY TUGS 1966-2006

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Left, Rea Towing Vessel "Aysgarth" Pictured at Langton Bridge 1966. 

Right, Rea Towing Vessel "Bangarth" Pictured in the South Dock System 1965,

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Left, Another South docks view of a Rea Tug. 1965,  In all pictures note the wooden bridge structure.

Right, A lexandra Branch Dock, June 1966, three tugs from the Rea Limited Fleet. behind the tugs is a Grain Elevator used to transfer Bulk cargoes from vessel's berthed at general cargo berths to barges, the small tugs were essentially used for barge traffic on the River Mersey

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Left, Rea Towing Company Tug " Foylegarth" entering Gladstone Lock 1983.

Right, Looking towards the Container Terminal in the late 1970's two Alexandra Tugs " Hornby" and "Wallasey" assist bulk carrier " World Argus" towards the Seaforth-Gladstone passage,  The vessel's visible in the background are from the ACT fleet and a Manchester Liner,           The Tug,"Hornby"  1964/216GRT, 1,400 BHP was one of the last of the Tugs from the Lamey Fleet and named J.H.Lamey


TRAFALGAR 1990.jpg (66959 bytes)    TUG ALBERT 1991.jpg (111707 bytes)

left, This early 1980's picture of The  Alexandra Towing fleet  " Trafalgar" assisting Harrison Line Container vessel "Adviser" towards Gladstone Lock, centre, "Sun Mercia" in Royal Seaforth Dock 1990, right, Alexandra Towing's " Albert" on a rare working visit to Liverpool in 1991.

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Cory Tug  pictured at night Assisting departing Hapag-Lloyd Container Vessel "Koln Express"

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In the colours of Alexandra Towing "Bramley Moore" salutes the arrival of the "Q E 2"


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The Alexandra Towing Co. Tug "Brocklebank" left, pictured in Langton Dock in the late 1980's. This Tug is still in working order and can be seen at her regular berth next to the Maritime Museum, Liverpool. Built in 1964 by W.J.Yarwood & Sons Ltd., of Northwich, Cheshire, "Brocklebank" served as a ship handling tug on the River Mersey throughout the 1960's and 70's with occasional duties at Heysham and Barrow for ship launches. "Brocklebank" was also engaged in towing hopper barges laden with stone from Dinmor Quarry, Anglesey for the construction of the Seaforth Dock complex. Withdrawn from commercial service in 1988 she was purchased by the Maritime Museum in 1989 and has been a regular visitor at many Maritime festivals around the British Isles, right, Pictured in the River Mersey, April 2003.                                                                          Length 32m. Beam 8.9m. Gross tonnage 172 tons, Speed 12 knots, Bollard pull 18 tons.

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On a rare visit to Liverpool  "Endurance" pictured in Mid-River.

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Cory Tug "Willowgarth" doing a "Bollard pull Test" in Seaforth Dock.

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Now under the name and colours of Howard Smith Towing the former ATCL Tug "Canada" at work just entering the Gladstone Lock, 1998.

CANADA_9-5-01..jpg (122698 bytes)

Tug  "Canada" pictured on duty assisting Type 42 Destroyer H.M.S.Coventry"

 departing Langton Dock May 2001.

During the later part of 2001 the Tug fleets on Merseyside underwent changes of Ownership, The once famous name of The Alexandra Towing Co, is now in the hands of the Adelaide Steam Tug Company after several years under the ownership of Howard Smith towing also an Australian Company.


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TUG COLLINGWOOD 16.1.02.jpg (116900 bytes)

     Pictured in Adsteam colours tugs "Waterloo" and "Collingwood" January 2002.


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         April 2002, Adsteam Tug "Waterloo" passing the Panamanian Bulk Carrier "Torm Marta" 69,638 DWT Docking with the assistance of Wijsmuller Tugs, "Norton Cross" on the bow with "Ashgarth" assisting, stern tug was "Willowgarth" pictured below.

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Looking down the length of Gladstone Lock Wijsmuller Tug "Oakgarth" assisting Bulk Carrier "Epson Trader" the latter had discharged a cargo of coal at the Powergen Terminal S.1.Gladstone Dock.

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Adsteam Tug " Trafalgar" on duty off Gladstone Lock.

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The latest funnel design for Adsteam Towage seen here on "Trafalgar" stern boat on the departing Container vessel "MSC Valeria"  1st June 2002.

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During July 2002 the Wijsmuller Tugs appear to be having a new hull colour, pictured on duty at Langton Lock assisting the Swedish registered Brostroms tanker "Bro Polaris" is Tug "Norton Cross"

The stern boat was the "Willowgarth" still in the process of repainting.

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Three Adsteam Tugs at work docking the Car Carrier "Asian Captain" at N.1.Gladstone Dock, August 2002.

Dscn9978(2).jpg (37708 bytes)

In the latest Wijsmuller colours "Oakgarth" on duty in the River

The latest colours have the Company name on each side.

Dscn9835.jpg (86433 bytes)

In the shadow of the famous Stanley Dock Warehouse 

 is Clarence Graving Docks,

 under maintenance is the Wijsmuller tug " Norton Cross"

Adsteam Tug "Canada" assisting Gearbulk Bulk Carrier "Penguin Arrow" between S7 Seaforth and Gladstone Lock, May 2003


Adsteam Tug " Trafalgar" gives a salute to H.M.S. Invincible departing from Liverpool, May 2003


Adsteam Tugs "Gladstone" and "Canada" assisting Polish Bulk Carrier from South 1 Gladstone's Powergen Coal Terminal, May 2003.


Adsteam Tug "Bramley Moore" just inside the outer gates of Gladstone Lock after assisting ACL's "Atlantic Compass" from the river, July 2003.

Adsteam Tugs "Trafalgar" and "Bramley Moore" assisting Cast Container Line

vessel "Cast Prospect" from her Seaforth berth towards Gladstone Lock, August 2003.

On a rare visit to Liverpool  from her River Thames base is Adsteam Towage Tug "Sun Surrey" on duty at Seaforth, built in 1992 for The Alexandra Towing Company, this Voith tractor of 3,860 bhp is capable of a maximum static bollard pull of 42.2 tonnes

Three views of Adsteam tugs assisting "Baco Liner 3" from Gladstone lock to Royal Seaforth Dock,

"Bramley-Moore" leading, "Collingwood" pushing, "Canada" was the stern tug just visible inside the lock.


Adsteam tugs "Collingwood" and " Waterloo" docking ACL Container/Ro-Ro Vessel " Atlantic Cartier" pictured passing through "the cut" between Gladstone dock and Royal Seaforth dock.

Focus on Adsteam tugs, above left to right, "Canada" "Collingwood" & "Gladstone"

left , "Canada" docking ACL container Vessel "Atlantic Compass" centre, three tugs dockings the container vessel "Sunman" and right, "Bramley Moore" holding the stern wire for docking stern first into Gladstone lock, September 2004.


                                      October 2005, Docking Car Carrier "Grand Pace" left & centre recently named "Adsteam Waterloo"  

                                                                                                   right, pushing Tug assisting  "Gladstone"     



                             March 2006, Switzer Tugs docking the Tanker "Thornbury" slowing down prior to docking at Tranmere,                                            pictured passing the Seacombe ferry terminal, mid-ships Tug is "Ayton Cross" and stern tug is "Ashgarth"


February 2006, Adsteam Tugs "Waterloo" on the stern and "Collingwood" swing ACL's "Atlantic Concert" inside Royal Seaforth Dock, also in view "MSC Venice" & "Cast Prestige"

Left, assisting in docking "Atlantic Cartier" prior to entering Gladstone lock "Bramley Moore" has the stern wire, centre, farewell to HMS ONYX as she heads towards Barrow towed by Adsteam's "Bramley Moore" also assisting in the outward move was Adsteam's Tug "Canada" right, Svitzer Tug "Shannon" assists ICL container vessel "Independent Endeavour" from Gladstone Lock through to Seaforth.


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