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Monday, October 25, 2004

Proposal: The Center cannot Hold [Trivial]

Add a rule Alliance Cohesion,
Unless otherwise specified, an Alliance is in a State of Order.

If at any time there is more than a 10 point difference between the Trust values of the member with the highest T-Total and the member with the lowest T-Total within the same Alliance, that Alliance is in a State of Turmoil.

If at any time a member of the same Alliance has a Cassus Belli against another member, then that Alliance is in a State of Turmoil.

If an Alliance is in a State of Turmoil it cannot have a Leader and all of its Pending Audiences must reach unanimous FOR Votes from its members to be approved (if not approved by the usual 48 hour time limit, the Audience fails).

This rule takes precedence over the rules Alliances and Audiences.

[Here is a use for the Trust trait. Alliances will have to try to keep all members within the same Trust range to function. This rule will allow Entrust/Distrust campaigns to destabilize Alliances.]

5-0. Timed-Out . Enacted by Chronos, Oct 27