The One Hundred Greatest Funny Moments
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26. Comic Relief - No Blanks in Blankety Blank
Matt Lucas and David Walliams are Hi-De-Hi's Sue Pollard and Ruth Madoc in a rare Blankety Blank send up.

27. Curb Your Enthusiasm - Psycho Nanny
American social comedy at its most classy. In another hilarious ad-libbed episode, Larry gets his friend to hire The Nanny from Hell, whom Larry had accidentally got fired from a previous job. He omits to tell his friends that she goes completely nuts every time she hears the Loony Tunes theme.

28. Daisy Daisy - Missed Congeniality
Daisy Donovan takes part in a beauty pageant and attempts to sing.

29. Danger, Celebs at Work - Let China Dogs Lie
Jeremy Spake the chubby goateed airline worker who became a 'celebrity' after his performances on the reality show Airport tries his hand at being a removals man and manages to smash two enormous china dogs.

30. The Day Today - Talking Balls
Alan Partridge's countdown to the 1994 World Cup in America included much typical pointless commentary.

31. Dead Ringers - May the Ford be with you
A classic hidden camera moment when John Culshaw as Obi-Wan Kenobi visits a car dealership. "I had a Ford Galaxy long, long ago."

32. Delia Smith - Fan flan falls flat
The Chairman of Norwich City Football club and celebrity chef Delia Smith ended up with egg on her face as she took to the pitch to rally Norwich supporters as their team trailed two-nil against Man City. Many suggested she'd had one too many as she screamed "Where's the 12th man, let's be 'avin' you!"

33. Dirty Sanchez - A Rude Awakening
Four lads up for mayhem and out there stunts live to inflict pain on themselves and each other. In this jaw dropping stunt, the still sleeping Pancho gets pulled out of his tent by a car with a rope tied to his feet.

34. Doctor Who Night - Mark Gatiss and David Walliams
The League of Gentlemen and Little Britain comedians teamed up to present spoof links for the BBC's 30 years of Dr Who celebrations. It's 1963 and two writers nervously pitch their idea to the controller of BBC 1. "And towards the end any old f****r with an equity card will do."

35. Eddie Murphy standup - Sex Faces
During a now famously funny stand up routine, Eddie runs through a list of faces made when having different types of sex.

36. Elephant sits on a man's head
An internet favourite, an unfortunate cleaner is in the wrong place at the wrong time. As an elephant sits down, the bloke's head completely disappears up the elephant's backside.

37. The Eurovision Song Contest - Fredi & Friends Pump It Up
The year that Brotherhood of Man won the Eurovision Song Contest with Save Your Kisses For Me was more memorable for the Finnish entry. The ditty was called Pump Pump and sung by the fairly rotund Fredi and his enthusiastic bunch of Friends. The lyrics include 'let your hips go hippetty pump pump'.

38. Families at War - When I Speed You
In Vic & Bob's family game show which featured crazy tasks and stunts, pint-sized singer Leo Sayer belts out his greatest hit When I need you whilst being carried by a man running on a treadmill. Vic cheekily keeps speeding up the treadmill with hilarious consequences - Leo accidentally stands on it and in a flash is thrown under a safety mat.

39. Family Fortunes - A Bit of a Boob
This out-take of the long running, world-distributed series is perhaps its most infamous and has circulated the internet countless times. No it's not a stupid answer, this one involves nudity. Joined by presenter Andy Collins, the winning family jump for joy and it's not until after the credits have rolled that one family member realises she's revealed more than she intended to: her left boob has slipped out of her dress and has been jumping with joy too.

40. The Flintstones - Bollocks in Bedrock
Maybe the American writers didn't know the true meaning of 'bollocks' as when Fred and Barney accidentally join the army, Wilma declares "trust Fred and Barney to bollocks things up."

41. Gary Brolsma - The Numa Numa Dance
The mpeg which took the internet by storm. A plump American teenager filmed himself on his computer webcam while miming and chair-dancing to an unforgettable Romanian pop song.

42. Gary Coleman - Completely Different Strokes
In his new role as a security guard, the pint-sized star Gary Coleman took his new profession very seriously, refusing to let trespassers off the set of the film he was guarding by jumping on their car. Standing at 4 foot 8 inches tall Gary is surely the world's most diminutive security guard and his have-a-go heroics make for a classic caught-on-camera clip.

43. George Bush - The President of Gaffes
The American President makes a total mess of attempting to answer questions which should have been straightforward for the leader of the free world.

44. Going Live - They Call it Puppet Love
In 1987 the guest vet's small dog took a shine to the resident puppet Gordon the Gopher much to the amusement of presenter Sarah Green.

45. The Grand Knockout Tournament - A Right Royal Knockabout
In 1987 Stuart Hall presented the tournament better known as It's a Royal Knockout featuring four members of the Royal Family and a host of celebrities including John Travolta, John Cleese and Meat Loaf running around dressed as vegetables and throwing fake hams at each other.

46. Have I Got News For You? or Have I Got Abuse For You?
In 2002 Paul Merton and Ian Hislop ripped into Have I Got News For You host Angus Deayton in the episode following The Sun's kiss and tell story featuring Deayton's alleged wild nights taking cocaine and sleeping with a prostitute.

47. Howard Stern - Dddddo they droop yet?
The stammering celebrity interviewer Stuttering John managed to finally ask Raquel Welch "dddddo they droop yet?" and gets a slap around the head for his answer.

48. I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Here - It's a Tree!
In the last series Natalie Appleton freaked out after simply touching a tree, an early indication of how she was going to deal with life in the jungle. We viewers were so highly amused with her inability to cope that we voted in our thousands for her to do five bush tucker trials in a row before she finally gave up and walked out of the jungle for good.

49. It's Only TV But I Like It - Don't Ask Granny
Jonathan Ross hosted this comedy panel game about classic TV moments. In one round, a group of eccentric old folks attempted to describe famous people using cryptic clues and the panel then had to take a wild stab at who they were talking about. "Um 'e always does that thing, um you know that thing 'e does."

50. Jackass The Movie - Pant bungee jumping
In the cinema released movie version of the MTV Jackass series, the boys attach their y-fronts to a tree and drop off a branch wearing them.