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DAV Train
Created By   -   DAV
Supports   -   Skill Levels
Date Reviewed   -   08/14/00
Download   -   Local Mirrors
Download Size   -   2.67 MB
Alt. Download   -   Author's Site
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2
Click on a screenshot to get the full-size version.

  [ Reviewed by Jed ]

This is is the latest from your friend and mine, DAV. It's his second attempt at Half-Life editing and while I haven't played his first HL level I can definitely say that this represents a significant improvement in quality over his previous Quake2 maps.

DAV Train's story has you on a train en route to the G-man's top secret memory erasing facility when an alien attack gives you the opportunity to escape. Anyone who's tired of standard gruntfest style maps will appreciate the fact that DAV decided to go with both aliens and marines this time around. There is plenty of solid combat throughout the 7 .bsps although the absence of an end battle is rather curious, especially since just before the end you get the RPG.

Most of DAV's previous maps have been let down by somewhat lackluster visuals but fortunately that isn't the case here. The maps all look good and are even very *gasp* detailed in some places. The only visual element that could've used a little improving was the unusual width, or rather lack thereof, of a few of the hallways, something which may trouble you if you're a little claustrophobic (being fat probably won't help, either). I'm mentioning this because I care about you.

Anyway, the levels here are all typical Half-Life stuff and include warehouse, office, and laboratory settings. They're also somewhat reminiscent of those found in Opposing Force in that they cover a variety of locations in a short amount of time but still manage to avoid really jarring room transitions.

Okay, I'm required by law to use this paragraph to to point out some of the level's problems and I guess in DAV Train's case they'd be the rather dissapointing ending, one area with high r_speeds, and the inclusion of a few unmarked exploding crates. All pretty minor flaws if you ask me.

I had a lot of fun playing this pack and for once I can give one of DAV's levels my full recommendation. Hopefully this trend will continue with his future releases.

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