The U.S. Presidents
Republicans vs Democrats
George W. Bush vs John F. Kennedy
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Political Sets

The Civil War,
Lincoln vs Davis

The Civil War,
Lee vs Grant

U.S. Revolution 1776

Patton vs Rommel

U.S. Presidents
Republicans vs Democrats

The Battle of Waterloo,
Napoleon vs Wellington

Romans vs Egyptians

Henry VIII vs Francis I

The Third Crusade,
Richard The Lionheart
vs Saladin

Richelieu vs Louis XIII

Gómez y Maceo,
The War of Independence,
February 24th, 1895

Cuba-Carlos Manuel
de Céspedes,
El Grito de Yara,
October 10th, 1868

Dominican Republic-Duarte,
Sánchez y Mella,
The War of Independence,
February 27th, 1844

Dominican Republic-Gregorio Luperon,
The Restauration,
August 16th, 1863

Nicaragua-The Battle of
San Jacinto,
September 15th, 1856

Honduras-The Battle of
La Trinidad, November 11th, 1827

Peru-The Battle
of Ayacucho,
December 9th, 1824

Perú-Pizarro vs Atahualpa

Combate Naval de Iquique
May 21st, 1879
Chile vs. Perú

The Poets,
Ruben Darío vs
Jose Martí

Guatemala-Tecum Uman vs
Pedro de Alvarado

Costa Rica-
The Battle of Rivas

Panamá-Urraca vs Balboa

Battle of Carabobo
June 24th, 1821

Battle of Boyaca
August 7th, 1819

México - France
The Battle of May 5th,



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Left to right: Gerald Ford, Richard M. Nixon, James Madison (4th), Theodore Roosevelt (26th),Herbert C. Hubert, Dwight D. Eisenhower,  Ulysses S. Grant (18th) and Abraham Lincoln (16th).

Left to right: The White House, George Bush(41st), Ronald Reagan (40th), Laura Bush, George W. Bush (43rd) and The Symbol of the Republican party.

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Left to right: William McKinley, Thomas Jefferson, James K. Polk(11th), Woodrow Wilson, James E. Carter (39th), Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd), Martin Van Buren and Harry S. Truman (33rd).

Left to right: The Capitol, William Clinton (42nd), Jacqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy (35th), Lyndon B. Johnson(36th) and The Symbol of the Democratic party.

Item #A 0043 hand painted.

Price includes all 32 pieces, the chessboard and mailing costs.
civilset.jpg (33838 bytes)

Chess Board: 15 3/8" square x 2 ¾" high (aprox.)
Chess pieces: 2 7/16" to 2 ¾" high (aprox.)
Weight: 6.95 lbs (aprox.)

Chessboard made of the finest Peruvian Mahogany, 32 pieces of metal alloy. Each piece is meticulously painted to show the greatest detail and each one stands on an elegant wood base.