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Friday, June 22, 2007



Your Bus Service is Changing!

There are some service changes being made to certain routes on the LYNX system, effective April 29.

Please check below to see if the times or routing has changed on your LINKS

LINKS 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 18, 26, 37, 52, 55 and 57 have been adjusted to improve on-time performance & add some additional trips.

LINK 204 has been adjusted to make better connectivity at LYNX Central Station (LCS).

LINKS 17, 44 have had slight routing adjustments to provide better connectivity and expand service with the NEW Apopka Circulator, LINK 405.

LYNX Central Station Bay Changes
LINK 8 will MOVE to Bay L
LINK 20 will MOVE to Bay R
LINK 36 will MOVE to Bay R

LINK 50 will add service to Hotel Plaza Blvd & will end at the Disney Ticket/Transportation Center. LINK 56 will service the Disney Casting Center and Disney University.
Afternoon and late night service, direct from Disney, has been added to LINK 301, 302, 303, & 304.

Look for your two new LINKS
LINK 405, Apopka Circulator now connects North & South Apopka.
LINK 414, Alafaya Trailblazer now serving University of Central Florida (UCF), Alafaya and Waterford Lakes.


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