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Ask the experts 6/16/07

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Ask the experts 6/10/07

2007 Amateur draft

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Ask the experts 4/9/07

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Ask the experts 2/27/07

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The 2007 Fantasy Baseball Insider will be ready for subscribers March 1. Click here to access.

"Best book to take to the draft. Each year we plug this book, and each year nobody even comes close. For ease of use, up-to-date information and quality analysis, the Fantasy Baseball Insider by Dennis LePore and Rod Beaton is the best. It also has draft day roster forms and games played by position charts, plus three-year stat scans." – John Hunt from USA Today Baseball Weekly

"A winner. The Fantasy Baseball Insider provides tons of insight on hundreds of players." Ron Shandler, Baseball Forecaster and

OLD-FASHIONED WAY: They still write books? Yes, and good ones. USA TODAY's Rod Beaton and the Sandlot Shrink have teamed up again for the Fantasy Baseball Insider whose March 1 publication date makes it the most current resource that you don't have to boot up. John Hunt from USA Today Baseball Weekly

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"This is the best and most faithfully updated set of Depth Charts on the internet and one of the first spots you should turn to when a trade is announced and not sure who might fill a vacated position." -- John Hunt, USAT Baseball Weekly

"Best of the Internet"

"It is your site, and sites like yours that helped us gain the recognition that we wish to share today. Your site, which has been chosen as one of the "Best of the Internet," deserves particular recognition. Congratulations to you and your site. We know the effort, time and dedication it takes to be the best." -- Jason Pamer, an online publishing community of writers, readers, and educators


TESTIMONIAL: “Thanks for another successful season. Three years ago my team came in second. Two years ago we won it. And this year we got second again in a very competitive league.  We couldn't have done it without your site. Also I liked very much the way you graded the prospects.” – Mark Medlenk

 Sandlot Shrink fantasy baseball contest …

Play Mr. Fantasy Baseball and win $15,000! “Who’s the top baseball mind in the Sandlot Shrink community?”


Bob Radomski (last year’s champ) and Larry Schechter (Tout Wars champ) represented the Sandlot Shrink in the LABR draft in March. We are one of the inaugural franchises as it is our thirteenth straight season.

Click here for the results and strategies after the draft.


LABR AL results
LABR draft results


2006 finishes: The Sandlot Shrink placed 1-1-2-10 in four expert leagues last season. Congratulations to Bob Radomski (LABR) and Larry Schechter (Tout Wars) for their expert league championships.  

Expert Archives

Tout Wars

Larry Schechter, 2-time CDM winner, again represented the Shrink in the Touts third AL/NL auction in March.

Tout mixed results

World Championship of Fantasy Baseball

Larry Schechter again represented the Shrink in the FSTA experts draft at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.
Fantasy Sports Invitational Challenge

Steve Goldman will represent the Shrink in the FSRU AL draft of the Fantasy Sports Invitational Challenge.

NL-Auction League

Mike Kelly will represent the Shrink in an on-line auction sponsored by

From 2006 NL LABR draft: Mathew Berry, who drafted for Baseball Prospectus, noted that the Sandlot Shrink Depth Charts were the best on the internet.  He used the sheet throughout the draft.

Schechter interview part 2
Schechter interview part 1

Quote from 2001 LABR draft: "I sat next to John Coleman of the Sandlot Shrink. … Mr. Coleman, please note, may well be the best analyst in this business. He's great at auctions too, mumbling and waving papers around as he banters with us and buys himself another good team." -- Gene McCaffrey, Wise Guy Baseball

TESTIMONIAL: “I have been using the Sandlot Shrink since the early 90's and it has been instrumental in winning many baseball, football and basketball leagues over the years. The spring training news for baseball is by far the best source of information anywhere on the net. I have been in a league of 18 teams that drafts a total of 500 players on our rosters for 15 years. With your help, I have finished in the prize money 10/15 years, which is remarkable with the competitiveness of my league. This year your news and projections helped me win the 1st National Fantasy Baseball Championship. I always tell people your site is the best!” Artie Rastelli, Triple-A Winner of the 2004 National Fantasy Baseball Championship


Sandlot Shrink Advice

Effective Monday, May 3, 1999, the 900-line was terminated. We replaced it with the "Ask the Experts" feature - free of charge - for all subscribers. Thank you.



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