Add Line --- [a] --- attack
Adds one line to player's field.
- Can be used in defense; adding lines to a clear field increases special intake.

Clear Line --- [c] --- defense
Clears one line from player's field.
- Can be used in offense; clearing lines from a very low field slows opponent down. (often done at the start of a game)

Blockquake --- [q] --- attack
Shifts all blocks in field in a disorderly fashion.
- Basic attack. Best used several seconds apart.

Random Blocks Clear --- [r] --- attack
Clears blocks from field at random.
- Basic attack. Best used in rapid order. Fairly useless on a low field.

Mutated Pieces --- [m] --- attack
Gives three large and deformed pieces to player.
- Powerful attack. Using several at once will not increase number of mutations given.

Block Bomb --- [o] --- attack
Scatters blocks surrounding opposing bomb all around player's field.
- Powerful attack; will only work if opponent has a bomb in their field. (letter 'o')

Clear Special Blocks --- [b] --- attack
Turns all specials to regular blocks.
- Basic attack. Useful for clearing bombs in own field.

Clear Column --- [v] --- attack
Clears one full column at random from players field.
- Basic attack; powerful on high fields. Usage best accumalated. Also useful for making quick tetrises in combination with Block Gravity.

Confusion --- [f] --- attack
Switches players controls for 10 seconds.
- Symptom attack; slows player down.

Darkness --- [d] --- attack
Blackens player's field for 10 seconds; leaves light around falling block.
- Symptom attack; slows player down. Not as powerful as confusion.

Block Gravity --- [g] --- defense
Pulls all blocks down to fill the spaces below them.
- Valuable special, but useless on a high field hit by several Clear Columns.

Nuke Field --- [n] --- defense
Clears all blocks from a player's field.
- Valuable special. Can be used as offense; i.e., nuking opponents field before a tetris is made/ a good special appears.

Switch Fields --- [s] --- attack
Switches your field with an opponent's.
- Valuable special. Best disorder own field before switching with a better one. Can be used in defense; switching with yourself on a high field will lower it.

Attack Immunity --- [i] --- neutral
Prevents all special blocks being used on player for 15 seconds.
- Used mainly for defense; to prevent attacks. Can be powerful attack on a high field; Immunity will prevent the player from using any defense specials.