Why is my system the ideal
personal training for baby
You are being instructed by a doctor/certified personal
trainer who happens to be a baby boomer himself.

You will optimize your potential instead of settling
for less!
o you still want to be the best you could possibly be?

I know your abilities.
I can help you work around your limitations.
I can coordinate your personal training with your
doctor.  We speak the same language!

With other
trainers, you might be under-trained and
accomplish very little;
or over-trained and get hurt.
With me, your training will be safe efficient and
extremely effective.

In addition I will coordinate your training and diet with
effective holistic anti-aging therapies to optimize your
recuperation and results as well.
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A twice-weekly trip to the gym may not just give you stronger muscles -
it may give you younger muscles as well.(read the proof)
Intelligent Anti-Aging Personal Training for Baby

Baby boomers are the generation that never wanted to grow old.  I know
because I happen to be a baby boomer myself. I am also well acquainted with
the quest to stay young having been a cosmetic plastic surgeon and certified
fitness trainer for almost thirty years.   I guess that sort of qualifies me as an
expert on the subject.
Ours is the generation that started the fitness craze to attempt to maintain our
youthfulness.  However, this quest comes with a price.  Unwise exercise can
lead to pain and injuries.   We’re not as young as we used to be and our
bodies are not as forgiving.   Our muscles can be more prone to injury and
take a longer time to heal.  The years have made our joints a bit stiff and
decreased the elasticity of our tendons.  Therefore to attain our goal of
maintaining our youth, we must learn how to exercise intelligently.
Therefore, we want our workouts to be safe but they also have to be effective
and efficient.  We want to accomplish our goals and we don’t want to spend
an inordinate amount of time doing it.  Of course we want to be healthy but we
all know we’re doing it to look good and be the envy of our friends.  
To better guide them, many baby boomers will enlist the aid of a personal
trainer.  Unfortunately most trainers are either not aware of how to train the
baby boomer.  Some trainers will err on the side of excess.  They don’t
respect to fact that we may have accumulated injuries and that our joints are
not as supple as they used to be.  We may now have underlying medical
conditions that call for a modification of the usual exercises.  Too many young
in-experienced trainers don’t realize we can’t follow the same regimen as they
do.  To attempt this will undoubtedly lead to pain and injury.
Too many other trainers underestimate our capabilities.  They will follow the
guidelines of the so-called senior citizen work-outs and fail to properly
stimulate your muscles to make the desirable gains.  They merely have you
going through the motions without anything to show for it.  Worse, without the
needed stimulation, the aging process will continue unchecked.
We have what can be termed a “Goldilocks” dilemma. We want to find that
baby bear portion of exercise that is just right.  It is for this reason, using my
experience in cosmetic plastic surgery, medical science and many forms of
exercise, I developed the “Plastic Synergy” program of personal training.  It
incorporates muscle building, body shaping, endurance enhancing, bone
strengthening exercises utilizing paths of natural motion in an individualized