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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Return Of The Darkhul King

Fancy! A whole Hellmouth in your pocket

She may have been shrunken down to pocket size but Sunnydale's favourite demon-slaying chiquita still manages
to kick ass with the best of them in this side-scrolling smack 'em up. Bless 'er.

Clean the streets of vampires and worse using your fists, trusty stake and much more besides.

Give Yourself A Happy
The combat is what helps make the show so cool and thankfully it's the fighting that's the best bit of the game. Knock a demon over and you can stake him when he's down, or use ranged weapons like the crossbow or laser rifle to stun your foe before delivering the fatal blow.

Weapons have limited uses, however, and there's even a teeny bit of GBA-sized strategy to using different weapons at different times.

With such cool scrapping, then, it's a shame the game is let down by the side-scrolling action levels and the sort of puzzles you've been solving all your games-playing life. "Oh look, there's a locked door, and a sequence of numbered switches to activate before it will open." Bored now!


It's better than the legendarily awful Game Boy Color version, and the fighting is pretty good fun, but it's still fairly bog-standard stuff - Buffy licence or no Buffy licence.



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