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The Greens Won't Line Up For Dirty Brown Coal In The Valley

18-08-2006 Unlike the Labor and National Party politicians lining up in front of the new Monash Energy Plant (pictured in the Latrobe Valley Express, August 14, 2006), the Greens will not be part of the push to continue reliance on dirty coal, says Jeff Wrathall, the Greens Candidate for Morwell District.

Commitment to major reductions in greenhouse emissions are part of the Australian Greens (Victoria) Energy policy*.

"We must move away from our dependence on fossil fuels," said Jeff Wrathall. "Victorians must develop renewable energy and use it efficiently. This will require planning coordination between state and national governments."

"The Victorian Government's energy policies must be challenged if terms such as 'clean coal' and 'sustainability' are used to describe what it is doing," said Jeff Wrathall. "Action to achieve environmental sustainability must start right now. This means phasing out the use of brown coal and focusing on energy efficiency, fuel switching and renewable energy."

"While the Victorian Government's renewable energy targets are a good start," said Jeff Wrathall, "unfortunately, consumers will foot the bill while the government continues to spend much more of the taxpayer's money on brown coal development."

"Projects like Alcoa's production capacity, more power stations and the Monash Energy 'Oil from Coal' project all involve large emitters and small numbers of jobs," said Jeff Wrathall. "These are of dubious economic benefit to the community and the country."

"Why should taxpayers continue to bear the brunt of a heavily subsidised, dirty coal industry?" said Jeff Wrathall. "This industry is responsible for 30 per cent of Victoria's emissions. These are growing at 1.4 million tonnes per year."

"We need incentives to build better designed homes with double glazing and insulation", said Jeff Wrathall, "These are simple, well-known technologies that can be implemented now, will help relieve the energy poverty trap that many people are in and make a real contribution to reducing pollution."

"The Greens in parliament after the November 25 state election will work to introduce incentives to improve energy efficient homes and businesses,*" said Jeff Wrathall.

For more information and comment, please contact
Jeff Wrathall on (mob) 0412 913 973
Dave Lane on (mob) 0419 156 213

* The Greens Victorian Energy policy will be released during this year's state election campaign.


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