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Mike Bloomberg believes those in public service should face up to tomorrow's problems today, and not pass those burdens along to our children. So as Mayor of New York, Mike launched "PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York" - a far-reaching strategy to fight global warming, protect the environment, and prepare New York City for an estimated one million more residents by 2030.

By doubling mileage requirements for city taxicabs, Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have locked in one piece of a potentially historic environmental legacy — not the most ambitious piece, but a significant one nonetheless.... continue


What a great idea. Within five years, all the taxis in New York City will be hybrid gas-electric vehicles, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday.... continue


The spacious but gas-guzzling Ford Crown Victoria, long the emblematic vehicle of the city’s yellow cab fleet, would be replaced by cleaner, more fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles under a five-year plan proposed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg yesterday.... continue


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that as part of PlaNYC, the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) will implement new emissions and mileage standards for yellow taxicabs that will lead to a fully hybrid fleet by 2012 – the largest, cleanest fleet of taxis on the planet.... continue


This is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's keynote address at the C40 large cities climate summit.... continue


Sounding a lot like a presidential candidate, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg laid out the framework for a national energy policy on Friday and accused Washington lawmakers of “passing the buck” on meaningful energy reforms.... continue


New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today delivered a keynote address about energy policy at the Greater Houston Partnership Luncheon in Houston, Texas. In his remarks, the Mayor outlined the steps New York City is taking now for a greener, greater future... continue


In a quarter-century plan to create what he called "the first environmentally sustainable 21st-century city," Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed a sweeping and politically contentious vision yesterday of 127 projects, regulations and innovations for New York and the region.... continue


Mayor Bloomberg's time in office may be term-limited to eight years, but his Earth Day speech yesterday made it clear that he wants a permanent impact on the city.... continue


There are many reasons New York's fortunes have risen dramatically in the past five years, and key among them is population growth. That's why everyone who cares about this city should focus attention on the sweeping plans Mayor Bloomberg unveiled yesterday for tackling the gargantuan challenges ahead.... continue


Mayor Bloomberg's Earth Day outline of his vision for New York City decades hence, presented yesterday was nothing if not ambitious. So is NYPlan 2030 worth considering? Would success be worth the effort? Yes, on both counts.... continue


Mayor Michael Bloomberg likes to talk about the big picture, even if it might not be pretty. Yesterday, he warned New Yorkers how their city could suffer by 2030 without his plans for the future.... continue


The following is the text of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's PlaNYC Address as prepared at the Museum of Natural History.... continue


The text of Mayor Bloomberg’s Keynote Address at the New York City Global Partners Summit Held at Columbia University... continue


New Yorkers are reminded often these days that their city will add another million or so people in the next 25 years, bringing the total to more than 9 million. That prospect may seem too distant to inspire any sense of urgency. But consider how difficult it is to find affordable housing, good schools, uncrowded subway cars and reasonably passable streets. Then imagine having to compete for these same services in a city that will have added a population equivalent to the city of San Francisco.... continue


A million more people will populate Gotham by 2030, Mike declaimed at the Queens Museum of Art yesterday - even as the city's roads, sewers, subways and electrical grid continue to rot under their own weight. It's vital, he said, for the city to start tackling those issues now.... continue


No one ever accused Mayor Bloomberg of thinking small, and yesterday he proposed big ideas for a big city that's growing even bigger. He sees New York adding 200,000 people in the next four years - and on a march toward breaking the 9 million barrier in a quarter-century.... continue


New Office and Advisory Board to Create Agenda to Make New York City an Environmental Leader and Guide City Efforts Towards Environmentally Sound Future... continue


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, and Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Committee Chair Michael McMahon hail the passage of a landmark plan – a-decade-and-a-half in the making – that will fundamentally change the way the City transports waste and put the City on strong footing for future growth.... continue


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Commissioner Joseph F. Bruno today unveiled New York City’’s updated Coastal Storm Plan (CSP).... continue


The following is the text of Mayor Bloomberg’s 2nd Inaugural Address.... continue


Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2003 State Of The City Address... continue


Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Inaugural Speech.... continue

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